Marina Del Rey Chiropractor Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab Is Offering Chiropractic Services

Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab is offering its services in Santa Monica, Marina Del Ray, Culver City, and Brentwood. The clinic is headed by Dr. Carlos Rodriguez, D.C. and its mission is to not just treat patients but to educate them on the road to wellness.

The clinic offers specialized treatments such as those for sciatica, lower back pain, sprains, strains, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis, whiplash, torticollis, herniated discs, thoracic outlet syndrome, shoulder and arm pain, knee injuries, tennis elbow, headaches, postural re-education, motor vehicle trauma, work trauma, stress reduction, repetitive trauma, and personal & family care. Further services include massage therapy, custom foot orthotics, nutritional supplements, and various merchandise to maintain positive spinal and postural routines.

Marina Del Rey Chiropractor

The clinic is equipped with a state of the art X-ray unit which means that there is no need for patients to take an additional trip for X-rays as everything is done on the premises. The clinic focuses on all types of injuries and pain. The clinic maintains that its goal is to give patients an alternative to sometimes unnecessary medical surgeries which could lead to a long and painful recovery. The clinic says that it wants to push its patients along a happy and active lifestyle which is why they offer services that not only fix the urgent issue but also create sustainable habits that will lead to a lifetime of positive returns.

The spokesperson for the clinic, Dr. Carlos Rodriguez Chiropractic, says, “I have over 14 years of experience dealing with health problems of all kinds and from my observation, injury care is just a piece of the puzzle. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle to all the patients that walk in through our doors. Our services and treatments are aimed at long term health and wellness. When you come to us, you are signing up for a service that will benefit you for a lifetime. We want to be at your side as you take back control of your health.”

When asked more about the services at the clinic, Dr. Rodriguez says, “We provide everything from family-care to sports rehabilitation including both acute and chronic conditions. Our trademark is the caring and professional service that has earned us our client’s trust. We also specialize in spinal decompression in the Marina Del Ray area and we urge clients to reap the benefits of the procedure. We also offer treatment for injuries as well as injury risk reduction. When you come to us, you can rest assured that your pain is going to be a distant memory. We are the best, the most premier option for those searching for Marina Del Rey custom chiropractic treatment.”

A testimonial highlighted on the clinic’s website says, “Coming to Prodigy Chiro-Care & Spinal Rehab has turned my life around, I was suffering from neck and upper back pain for a couple of years, and after my first few visits to your office I totally felt a lot better, and a big difference with my everyday lifestyle. Dr. Rodriguez is so friendly and makes me feel really comfortable. He's Awesome!!! I'm so thankful and lucky to have found such a great chiropractor.”

Another testimonial says, “I went to Prodigy Chiro after going to three different Chiropractors, all miss diagnosing my shoulder injury. Dr. Rodriguez took the time to listen to what happened and what symptoms I was having. I am now 100% back to my normal activities ie: firefighting, surfing, rock climbing. I still go on a monthly basis to stay aligned due to my active lifestyle.”

The Marina Del Rey chiropractor clinic is located at 4519 Admiralty Way, Suite 208, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292. The clinic can be contacted at its phone number (310) 574-3334. There is a convenient online appointment request form on the website. New patients can complete the complimentary online evaluation form and one of the clinic’s representatives will contact them shortly.


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Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab - Marina del Rey
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