Marietta Car Accident Chiropractor Identifies Most Dangerous Intersections In Marietta, Ga

Arrowhead Clinic in Marietta, Georgia has published a blog post urging drivers to be cautious of the most dangerous intersections in Marietta that can cause traffic fatalities. Lousy signage or influx of traffic can contribute to driving hazards at these intersections and cause severe accidents, warns the Marietta chiropractic clinic.

The blog post talks about dangerous intersections in Marietta and Cobb County to raise awareness among drivers and help them stay safe.

Topping the list is the Windy Hill Rd & Cobb Pkwy, according to the Marietta car accident chiropractor. Additionally, the blog post lists US 41 and Canton road near I-75 in Cobb County, Town Center Mall, Roswell Road & Old Canton Road, Bells Ferry Road & Chastain Road / New Chastain Road, and Veterans Memorial Hwy & Floyd Road / Mableton Pkwy as dangerous intersections.

Atlanta metro area can be hazardous, especially Memorial Dr and North Hairston Road, Covington Highway and Panola Road, East Park Place and Stone Mountain Highway, and Cobb Place Blvd and Earnest Barrett Pkwy.

The Arrowhead Clinic blog post blames a recognition error as the most common reason for intersection accidents, which are likely due to a driving distraction by an internal or external factor. Limiting the distractions and focusing 100% on the road, suggests Dr. Valentina Adcock, the leading Marietta chiropractor, is the best way to lower the risk of an accident. Cell phones are the primary reason for driving distractions these days, adds the blog post.

“You can set your phone in airplane mode while you drive, silence it, or there are several apps you can download that will help you reduce the temptation to grab your phone while you're behind the wheel.”

According to Dr. Valentina Adcock, preparation for the journey should begin before one actually starts driving to limit distractions, adding, “Pick out the music you want to listen to before you leave, get your GPS setup, and make sure your mirrors are where they're supposed to be. This will only take you a few minutes to complete before you go, and it will allow you to keep all of your focus on the road.”

Unfortunately, despite being careful, car accidents might happen due to the negligence of another driver on the road, warns Dr. Valentina Adcock, which can be overwhelming. The first step to take immediately after an accident in an Intersection in Marietta, Georgia is to move to safety, check the extent of injuries, and dial 911 for an ambulance. Injuries need immediate medical attention from a professional. Car accident doctors will examine the patient for the severity of injuries and decide a treatment plan accordingly.

If the injuries aren’t severe, the patient can connect with the best Marietta chiropractor for treating even minor injuries. The Arrowhead Clinic chiropractors are experienced in treating whiplash injuries and accompanying pain and side effects of injuries suffered in a car accident. The best thing about chiropractors is that they perform a thorough examination of the patient’s body to determine the area of the cervical spine affected by the accident and review the patient’s medical history. Afterward, the Marietta chiropractor designs a customized treatment plan for the injured to provide urgent care for pain management.

Dr. Valentina Adcock has many years of experience practicing chiropractic and focuses on healing back pain, neck pain, spine, and sciatica pain. Anyone seeking treatment at a Marietta chiropractor clinic can contact Arrowhead Clinic for a free consultation.


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