Maria Gudelis Shares Free Case Study

London, Ontario based entrepreneur Maria Gudelis is reaching out to share her new free case study for coaches and entrepreneurs. Over the years, Maria Gudelis has proven her dedication to helping her clients with strategy, development and timely execution, thereby ensuring that they can meet their goals with ease.

The case study, titled ‘How Experts Are Making $67k A Month Selling Their Information Online In 90 Days Or Less Without Technical Skills, Hard Selling Or Complicated Funnels’ is a 9-minute masterclass that looks at one of Gudelis’ clients and the exact strategy that took them from having no presence online to making $67K in their first month. The case study also shares a ​4-step VSBS Framework needed to build a profitable program in 2021/22 with the knowledge that people might already have and how to guarantee demand for one’s offerings. If anyone is interested in looking into the case study, all they have to do is visit Maria Gudelis’ website and click the link. Gudelis is sharing the case study at no cost for everyone. Her case study can be found at the following link: Maria Gudelis Case Study.

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Gudelis says, “Even though this particular client had never done anything online before, they followed my proven system and saw results. With multiple 5 and 6-figure product launches under my belt and having held the responsibility for more than 3 multi-million dollar companies created with the right strategy and execution to market, I have more than proven my expertise — and all my systems are developed from my own experience. This case study is a unique look into how you too can take advantage of methods I developed to ensure your success. Instead of spending months making a program nobody wants, I can help you use that same time to pre-sell before you even make a program!”

A Western MBA graduate, Maria Gudelis did her time in the corporate world after university, working for Fortune 500s such as Price Waterhouse, Computer Sciences Corp., Deloitte and Touche (specializing in business process consulting) and SAP. Once she had gained a taste for entrepreneurship, she started an online hosting company in the year 2000 to take advantage of the then-new internet. The company served small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in California after successfully raising $1.5 million of venture capital from a strategic hardware partner in Silicon Valley. Since then, she has taken an interest in several areas. She was the co-founder of Wildhorse Performance Marketing, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalist, raised millions for her and other software companies, and for the last decade she has dedicated herself to helping over 25,000 people create online marketing strategy and execution plans that create profits with purpose. Learn more about her at the following link:

Maria Gudelis has proven herself time and again. Some of her notable achievements include taking her ‘Blueprint to Close’ marketing campaign to a $2.25 million dollar marketing agency that added $750,000 of annual booked revenue (to make them a $3 million/year agency), helping a coach starting a new business fuel her growth to 6 figures from a $3,000 sale in the first week, being the #1 top affiliate for Jason Fladlien/Wilson Mattos Rapid Crush company that grew to a multi-million dollar empire, closing over $700,000 in webinar sales of a $997 digital product via Facebook Ads and Joint Ventures in around 8 months and more.

Gudelis says, “Whatever it is that you need help with, I am sure I can set you on the right path. Whether you are looking for some insight into creating a sales funnel, planning a webinar or just your social media presence, I am here for you. Get in touch with me now, and I can get you started in a free, 15-minute call!”

Those who want to learn more about Maria Gudelis or want to learn about the range of services she provides should visit her website. Gudelis also encourages interested parties to get in touch with her via the contact portal on her website, her email or her phone number. Social media users can find Maria Gudelis on Facebook. Maria Gudelis’ TuneIn podcast I Am Possible Radio with Maria Gudelis can be found at the following link:


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