Maria Gudelis Reveals Creative Marketing Strategies to Significantly Increase Customers

Maria Gudelis, a serial entrepreneur, author, coach and CEO of various start-ups, has revealed three creative marketing strategies that can make a business stand out, substantially increase customers, and move the business towards strong profitable growth. She recommends that start-up companies get the services of a creative marketing consultant to help them in strategizing and implementing an advertising campaign designed to motivate people to buy from the business, pay for the business’ products or services, and fall in love with their brand and products even before marketing to them.

Maria Gudelis herself says, “If you implement these strategies, even if only one of them, you will be able to benefit by standing out among the crowd of competitors and you can move on towards profitable growth that will make your company strong. These creative marketing strategies are designed to grab those micro-moments of attention from people using various social media channels.”

The challenge today for brands is that advertising expenses are rising and about a quarter of Internet users have been blocking advertising on their devices. And what businesses can take advantage of are the fleeting micro-moments of attention from the people who are likely to buy from them. Maria Gudelis has more than 18 years of experience in digital marketing and sales and she utilised the lessons she learned from the marketing campaigns she used for her successful start-ups, to come up with the three best strategies.

Meanwhile, proof of the effectiveness of what she is teaching businesses regarding marketing can be found by looking at a Maria Gudelis review. For instance, Jerry K. said, “Maria helped me to grow my business by leaps and bounds. My business revenue immediately jumps about 20% in the last 6 weeks of the year. I took private coaching from you and I almost doubled my revenue.”

In another review, Jacqueline and Minna, who became seven-figure entrepreneurs, said, “Working with Maria was instrumental in launching our first course. With her strategy and step by step action tips, we got to one million in revenue within one year! We couldn’t have done it without her.”

The first creative marketing strategy that she recommends is to host an online challenge, which is interactive and people tend to share it. It is an event or experience that allows the brand to create a powerful bond with the business’ ideal clients as “micro-lessons” are offered by the business daily. These daily “micro-lessons” will stimulate micro-commitments from the participants of the online challenge. And based on the commitment and consistency principle of Robert Cialidini, these micro-commitments serve as a potent persuasion method. Because people desire to be consistent, when they are offered something that they can buy at the end of the challenge, they will do so and become customers.

Another creative marketing strategy is to hold a contest. People tend to share contests, which means that this is an effective way of getting free organic traffic. Online marketers can choose from a wide range of software companies that offer compliant contest hosting platforms. Maria Gudelis herself was able to get more than 7,000 ideal prospects through a giveaway contest.

The third creative marketing strategy is to meet people at the micro-message. Current SMS and chat marketing technology allow people to create some effective “micro-messaging” experiences within Facebook Messenger. Online marketers can establish simple automated messenger marketing campaigns like delivering an interactive quiz or a coupon code. Or they can set up more complex AI messenger bots that qualify prospects. Maria Gudelis has a lot of experience in helping create coupon messenger campaigns that can build lists and boost sales effectively.

Maria Gudelis has developed several multi-million dollar online companies and has taught more than 30,000 people all over the world during the last decade. By applying her trademarked “FastTrack Blueprinting” (TM) methodology, her clients have been able to accomplish significant business growth in just a short period of time. Her most recent project was able to bring in more than $750,000 booked revenue for just one client in less than four months.

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