Maria Gudelis Case Study Highlights The Importance Of Digital Marketing

London, Ontario based Maria Gudelis is reaching out to share a case study of one of her social media coaching program’s participants. Gudelis specialises in a number of fields related to digital marketing, not the least of which are social media and online engagement. After an illustrious career building an immense knowledge base on the subject (and many others in the field of business), Gudelis is now looking to share the fruits of her experience with other entrepreneurs in her community.

Gudelis acknowledges that there are many social media and marketing coaches who promise a great deal but are ultimately unable to deliver. Many of her students, in fact, have unfortunately fallen prey to such programs in the past, and their diligence and hard work did not lead to a better income because the guidance they received was flawed from the outset. In response to this, Gudelis advises budding entrepreneurs not to give up their dreams or stop looking for help. Since customer reviews can be an excellent means of determining the legitimacy of a program, her team is sharing a Maria Gudelis case study that can help others get a glimpse of the heights their own business can reach with the proper guidance.

The case study in question explores the rise of Kristi Van Sickle, a Life, Confidence and Trauma Coach who went from offering $100 coaching to making $11k in 30 days. Van Sickle’s story is a testament to how effective the program can be, and Gudelis urges other entrepreneurs who may find themselves on the verge of giving up to consider making one final push to achieve their dreams and make a positive splash in their niche.

Van Sickle’s business is based on a noble goal: to help women take their lives back into their own hands after enduring toxic relationships. Here, Gudelis comments that she did well in the beginning, putting herself in front of an audience, meeting people and letting them know she was a coach. However, all this effort rarely resulted in a paying client.

As many of Gudelis’ other students had also done, Van Sickle had bought several courses from different vendors in an attempt to learn where she was going wrong with her messaging. At one point, she launched a Facebook page to support her business, but this too failed to entice clients. The case study says, “She had no consistent and predictable client acquisition system. She had no core signature program and was not charging what she was worth.” Go here for more on entrepreneurs charging what they are worth:

Once she approached Gudelis for assistance, however, her outlook rapidly began to change. Gudelis and her team began working with Van Sickle to rebuild her overall messaging, create new social media content and develop an offer that was in line with her passions. Gudelis explains that coming up with a product that matches the entrepreneur’s interests is vital because it is far easier to sell.

Their next step was to start another Facebook page, rebuilding her presence on this platform from the ground up. Here, Van Sickle’s messaging and brand was simplified extensively, to the point she was operating a business model that had just one offer. Now, when visitors came across her page, there was no chance that they would get confused while considering a variety of offers or tiers. Instead, they could instantly identify what they stood to gain by signing on with Van Sickle, and this in turn made them more likely to consider becoming paying clients. For her part, Van Sickle knew the tide was turning in her favour when she landed her first $5k client.

The case study concludes, “Kristi is changing lives. She's made $11k in 30 days and has transformed her mindset to be visible online and share her message with her ideal clients! Her confidence, sales and brand have had massive growth from practically scratch. She has a winning client acquisition system in place and has completely changed her business!”

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