Maria Gudelis Announces that Her Free Training Is Now Open for Enrolment

Maria Gudelis, a life and business coach based in London, Ontario, Canada, is happy to announce her free training bootcamp where coaches will discover the steps that she used to get fully booked and how her clients sign 10 clients in 10 days. In this Maria Gudelis new training bootcamp, she will show how she signed $45,000 worth of clients by utilising free social media posts, how to close the sale, and how she has taken her clients from zero to a seven-figure income.

Maria Gudelis says, “Is fear stopping you from creating the results you want? For sure, you would want to live your dream life and grow your business. Maybe you’ve been craving the personalized attention of a 1:1 coach because you know deep inside that is what will unlock your full potential. The fact is there’s two missing ingredients. The first is already inside you but you need a “mental map” on how to tap into it. The second ingredient is knowing how to tap into a large number of prospects available through social media.”

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Maria Gudelis has personally experienced what she is teaching her clients. She was able to grow her business from zero to three million dollars in consulting sales in just one year by applying her distinctive “Zen approach” to business. She has developed her trademarked “FastTrack Blueprinting” (TM) methodology and her clients have experienced drastic growth in their business in a relatively short period of time by using this particular technique.

Many former students of Maria Gudelis have left highly positive reviews about her teaching. For instance, Frank M. said, “Wow, first I have to say that the value of this course is nothing short of phenomenal. About 9 months ago I turned the day to day operations of our local closet organizer design & install firm over my wife Janet. You have given me the kick I needed – the logical and obvious reasons – to get out to make it happen. All this tech stuff is great for knowledge, but not to do it myself. Your training really puts it all together….”

In another one of these Maria Gudelis reviews, J. Dunn said, “Thanks for this free report – it has brough all this back from the dark recesses of my memory. I’ve got the confidence to walk into a business and speak to the owner, but I had forgotten all that I ever knew or taught about systematizing a business.”

Maria Gudelis has established several multiple million dollar online companies and she has taught more than 30,000 people all over the world during the last decade. All of that were made possible because of her copywriting and direct response marketing skills. She is a Western MBA graduate and at first worked for Fortune 500 companies. She began her entrepreneurship career by establishing an online hosting company in 2000, because she believed that the Internet represented a great opportunity.

To help people with regards to online sales, she also holds regular podcasts. She has now eight podcasts that can be accessed on her website. Her first two podcasts taught people how to reprogram themselves because most people have been programmed to live a life that is dependent on their paycheck. There is a need to reprogram one’s mind to achieve success and happiness, which cannot be provided by simply depending on a paycheck.

In the third episode of her podcasts, she reveals how she was able to make her first million dollars online in just 90 days. In the fourth episode, she reveals three ways to get unstuck, and this is where she reminds people that it is okay to fail and that people actually need to fail in order to succeed. In her fifth episode, she emphasizes that belief is more important than experience when it comes to success. In the sixth episode, she emphasizes again the importance of belief in oneself. In the seventh episode, she talks about believing in one’s clients. And in the eighth episode, she describes how she helped a client finally take action to create his dream business.

Those who are interested in the free training bootcamp on how to get coaching clients can check out the Maria Gudelis website or contact her on the phone or through email.


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