Marc Hankin Recognized As Top Patent Lawyer

California-based Hankin Patent Law, APC is pleased to announce that founder and well-known Patent Lawyer Marc E. Hankin has been recognized as one of the top Trademark Attorneys in the United States by Patexia.

Patexia, Inc., an intellectual property company and global IP community, is a nationwide organization that performs research and analysis on data and statistics related to the filings of patents and trademarks. They recently analyzed the filings over the past five years for more than 80,000 trademark attorneys in the United States and determined which of them performed the best. Out of all the attorneys examined, Marc Hankin was highlighted as the No. 71 Overall Best Performing Trademark Attorney. This places Marc Hankin firmly in the top 1% of all trademark attorneys in the country.

Mark Hankin Top 1% of all Trademark Attorneys

Marc Hankin does not claim sole credit for his success, and he thanks his top-notch team (led by his longtime partner Kevin Schraven, who does a large amount of the legal work for Hankin Patent Law’s clients). Learn more here:

Hankin Patent Law was founded by Marc Hankin back in 2004, with the goal of providing owners and business managers the advice they need to protect their important technology and creative works through patent prosecution, copyright registration, trademark registration, licensing agreements, and other legal methods. Hankin Patent Law is rooted in the more than three decades of experience that Marc Hankin has accumulated in the industry as a partner at several major law firms. Over the course of his career, Marc has advised clients from all sorts of industries that range from visual effects to robotics to jewelry to food and much more. His experience also allows him to provide valuable insight and assistance on a wide variety of issues in the mechanical, chemical, and electrical arts. To learn more about the services offered at Hankin Patent Law, those interested are welcome to visit the following link:

The Hankin Patent Law Team has earned a great deal of glowing praise from the legal community as a result of their quality work. Many examples of this are available online on numerous platforms.

Jeff L. says in a 5-Star Yelp review: “Marc helped me apply for a service mark for the tagline for my law firm (The Real Estate Investor's Lawyer). As a lawyer, I know good service when I see it, and Marc is terrific. Marc used to be a high school physics and chemistry teacher, so he is great at making the complicated understandable. He is also good at helping me save money in the process. Great lawyer!”

Joseph N. says in another 5-Star Yelp review: “I have known and worked with Hankin Patent Law many times. The owner, Marc, is amazing and goes above and beyond for his clients. He has been able to help connect me with the best professionals on many occasions whenever I need assistance. I truly know that this firm has helped many of my friends on several occasions. If you have patent questions or needs, then reach out to this firm!”

Those looking for a top-notch patent, trademark, or copyright attorney should get in touch with Marc Hankin of Hankin Patent Law. They may also contact Hankin Patent Law at for further details.


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