Many Industry Experts Declare Email Marketing Dead And LinkedIn Outreach As The Next Thing

These days most marketers rely on automated tools to one extent or another. The best automation tool looks different to different people. But it is very clear to most people that just sending cold emails out is not going to “move the needle” to get people interested.

Devin Johnson, a spokesman for the company, said that more and more businesses are transitioning to AI learning and programming to create more viable sales prospects. “Gone are the days when people opened emails just because they were there,” he said. “Even when people have signed up for and opted into a seller’s business’ communications – there’s still going to be a subset of those people who will report it as spam.”

Happily, there are now a variety of tools to assist marketers in reaching out in a way that brings success. Kennected is unique because it allows busy business professionals and their teams to create personalized messages which actually connect with their desired audiences.

Marketers are turning to social media because of their ability to hyper-target their prospective clients or partners. Kennected is one of the most powerful tools that is on the market today. There are many benefits to using this software as it works with LinkedIn Basic and Sales Navigator to make the process simpler for users. There are many easy-to-use options within the program to allow users to send connection request with little effort and also it’s possible to follow up automatically.

Dux Soup is a program that can be used similarly to Kennected, but there are significant differences. For example, Dux soup stays in LinkedIn’s “fair use” simply by using randomized waiting times between actions and running at scheduled hours only. It also avoids profiles based on various rules. It, like Kennected, is a LinkedIn automation tool works with all LinkedIn accounts: Standard, Recruiter, Sales Navigator, and Business Plus. But there is a huge difference: Kennected is considered to be the best lead generation tool for many professionals because of its personalized approach that helps them build new revenue streams.

Obviously, no one likes to feel that they are one of a thousand people getting a spam-like email, that was considered as Devin Johnson and his founders were building Kennected. The software also integrates with programs like “Anymailfinder” and several others. It is also capable of taking new contact data and pushing it directly to the CRM that the sender uses.

One of Kennected’s customers, Archer Thompson, said, “I am able to say that this software helped us to bring in a very significant portion of our income this year. I am a huge proponent of the program and I will use it as long as it is available. Also, the customer service I got from them is top-notch. I highly recommend this program.”

Devin Johnson said that one of the things that sets Kennected apart from other Lead Generation Tools is that they truly do encourage genuine communication – and not total automation. “The bottom line is that we shouldn’t market to anyone in ways that we would not like to be marketed to,” Mr. Johnson continued. "The onboarding process with Kennected is truly a value differentiator. We spend around an hour helping our customers get the feel of the tool. Then we stay in touch with them to make sure their messaging for their outreach is fine tuned for their specific industry."

Complete automation does feel like spam and that is of course not the feeling marketers want to evoke in the people that they are contacting. Stephen Brenner, another Kennected user, said that what he appreciated, in addition to all the leads that Kennected provided, was that he did not have to worry about getting banned and losing his LinkedIn account. “They have an incredible team that's helped us tremendously on our overall strategy,” he said.

Some people draw comparisons between Kennected and other outreach organizations. There is a significant difference, in that if a purchaser uses a different “LinkedIn Marketing solution provider” then when they stop working with them, the outreach just stops.

If, instead, a company purchases and onboards with Kennected not only will they have the program indefinitely, the marketing team will have been trained very comprehensively on how to make the outreach work. Those skills will stay with the buyers, and it will still be possible to continue outreach on LinkedIn. In short, it is very much like buying a car, rather than renting one.

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