Manhattan Slip and Fall Lawyer Samantha Kucher Explains The Burden of Proof in a Slip and Fall Accident

Manhattan slip and fall lawyer Samantha Kucher releases a new article ( explaining the burden of proof in a slip and fall accident in New York. The lawyer mentions that slip and fall accidents usually happen when people least expect them. Falls can cause serious injuries and some are caused by negligence.

“A slip and fall accident is one that is protected under premises liability law in New York. If you are lawfully on someone else’s property and you are injured in an accident caused by the owner’s negligence, premises liability law says that party may be liable for your injuries. Although they are commonly called “slip and fall” accidents, any injury caused by an unsafe condition may be covered under this law,” says the Manhattan slip and fall lawyer.

Manhattan slip and fall lawyer

The lawyer explains that one of the complexities of any slip and fall accident claim is referred to as the burden of proof. The victim needs to prove that there was negligence involved in order to seek compensation for a slip and fall accident. There must be certain elements that need to be proven.

Attorney Samantha Kucher says that the certain elements that need to be proven include that the victim was on the property lawfully; that the owner knew about the unsafe condition; that the unsafe condition was the reason for the accident; and that there were damages resulting from the accident.

In the article, the attorney says that these certain elements may seem simple but proving negligence can be quite complicated. Some insurance companies are often reluctant to pay these claims if there is any question about negligence. They can also make it tougher for a victim to get fairly compensated for their injuries.

According to the accident attorney, “In many cases in slip and fall claims, it is difficult to establish if the property owner was aware of the hazard, would have reasonably known about it, or had ample time to correct it. For instance, in accidents involving a spill or icy walkway, establishing negligence can be difficult. This is why having the skill of a slip and fall attorney can be essential to your claim.”

Lastly, attorney Samantha Kucher emphasizes the importance of having a skilled slip and fall accident lawyer when someone has been the victim of an accident caused by someone’s negligence. Having an experienced lawyer may be able to help the victim seek compensation and receive what they deserve for their injuries.

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