Manhattan Divorce Lawyers Juan Luciano Discusses How a Person May be Able to End Their Marriage Peacefully

Manhattan divorce lawyer Juan Luciano ( releases a new article discussing how a person may be able to end their marriage peacefully. The lawyer mentions that a lot of people may hear stories of “friendly” divorces, but these types of divorces are actually very rare. However, it is not impossible as long as the couple navigates the process properly.

“Emotional pain is the reality of divorce. If you expect otherwise, you are setting yourself up for self-judgment and disappointment. There is a sense of loss, just like losing any other loved one. Except this person is not gone from the world. He or she is still there, sometimes infuriating you at your core. In some senses, dealing with the loss of someone who is still there is more difficult than dealing with the loss of someone you will never see again,” the Manhattan divorce lawyer says.

Manhattan divorce lawyer

The lawyer explains that divorce can be traumatic for all the parties involved. There can be feelings of rejection, anger, resentment, fear, emptiness, and loss of trust. These are very understandable emotions and they also dissipate with time. Attorney Luciano says that it is important for an individual to focus on their future.

Attorney Juan Luciano adds that the process of divorce can also lead to the couple thinking of the marriage from a business perspective. There are assets that they need to divide, children to take care of, and alimony to negotiate. This is why it is important to seek the legal advice of an experienced attorney when dealing with divorce.

In the article, attorney Luciano mentions that it is important for parents to think about the good of their children. The courts, if a divorce is a contested one, will look at the best interests of the children. The courts will also make decisions based on how well the parents are able to navigate co-parenting and dealing with each other without bringing the children into the couple’s problems.

According to the divorce attorney, “Depending on the person, this may take much work and time. But it is essential so you can find a way forward. Take advantage of interests that you left aside while you were married. Find a new sense of purpose. If you can distance yourself from the person who was the victim of a broken relationship to a victor with a future to attend to, it can set up a bright spot on the horizon, even if it seems far away.”

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled divorce attorney when navigating matters such as asset division and child custody. An experienced attorney may be able to help the client understand their rights and receive a favorable outcome.

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