Manhattan Child Custody Lawyer Ryan Besinque Discusses How Custody is Determined in New York

Manhattan child custody lawyer Ryan Besinque discusses how custody is determined in a newly released article ( The lawyer mentions that one of the most contentious matters between a divorcing couple is child custody. As parents, both parents will want to spend more time with their children.

According to the Manhattan child custody lawyer, “While each parent does have a critical say in child custody matters, especially when they can come together cooperatively to work together toward custodial terms, what the court will always consider, first and foremost, is the child’s best interests.”

Manhattan child custody lawyer

The lawyer explains that divorce courts used to consider the mother as the most obvious choice when it comes to child custody matters. However, these days, that is no longer the case. This is why it will be much better for both parents to come up with a mutual agreement about the guardianship of their child.

Attorney Besinque explains that if both parents have a mutual agreement, they will be able to work through the roadblocks. They will also have terms that detail their rights and responsibilities in the upbringing of their children. These terms will also bind both parents to make sure they do their part for the children’s well-being.

Aside from the aforementioned, the New York divorce lawyer says that if both parents will not be able to reach an agreement, the court will decide the child custody. Most judges would try to distribute the parenting time to each parent equally. However, they will have to base it on what is best for the children.

The lawyer also enumerates the factors that are considered in child custody negotiations. These factors include who the primary caretaker is, the parenting skills of each parent, where the child currently resides, the quality of home life, history of domestic abuse, and if the siblings are able to be kept together.

Lastly, attorney Ryan Besinque emphasizes how important it is to seek the help of an experienced family law attorney when dealing with family matters such as child custody. Having a skilled attorney may be able to guide the parent into making the best decisions for the children and also help them understand their rights and responsibilities in the case.

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