Manassas Sports Awards Company Highlights Potential Heisman Trophy Reissue

Manassas, VA. - According to a local Manassas sports awards store, the passage of name, image, and likeness laws in various states this month means college athletes are now able to receive a profit in forms that were previously deemed illegal only days ago. Hence the attention to former University of Southern California (USC) running back and Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush, whose Heisman Trophy was surrendered due to violation of the previous law.

As a result of the NCAA's investigation into illegal benefits that he received while at USC, Bush does not count among the 85 Heisman Trust champions after his 2005 award was renounced and sacrificed on his own cognition in 2010. During that period, the Trust noted that recipients have to adhere to NCAA student-athlete bylaws.

There is no doubt that things have since evolved. The same could be said about Bush's Heisman Trophy. According to the Trust, should the NCAA reinstate Bush's 2005 status, it will welcome him back into the Heisman family. Moreover, The Heisman Trust recently stated that it supports the NCAA's waiver on NCAA bylaw 12.5.5, which includes some of the NCAA's amateurism laws. As a result, the Trust joined the abundance of opinions describing an athlete's ability to choose their name-image-likeness rights as an "important step forward."

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