Manassas Awards Shop Discusses Rising Award Popularity Among Tech Firms

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Manassas, VA. – Award Crafters, an awards shop in Manassas, VA, is discussing the increasing popularity of tech companies using awards to enhance their brand images. There are several benefits that occur when a company earns an award.

Because the tech industry has been increasing in size rapidly for some time, some tech products have become close to commodities. In addition, the sheer number of tech companies out there has gone up significantly. Therefore, tech companies are trying to find ways to catch the attention of consumers and encourage them to buy their brand. Award-winning is one way they have begun to do this.

One way that award-winning can help a company’s brand is through the promotional capital it creates. When a company wins an award, it should be announced and talked about across traditional media and social media. As people hear about a company receiving an award, the possibility increases of people perceiving that company as a sector-leading brand. This leads to brand differentiation. When a tech company is able to advertise that they are an “award-winning” company, they become increasingly set apart from other tech companies, which helps counteract the negative effects of a product gradually becoming a commodity.

Award Crafters is in support of the tech industry’s tactic to begin using awards to set tech companies apart from one another. As a provider of awards, Award Crafters knows just how effective award-presenting can be in a wide variety of different scenarios.

Since 1964, Award Crafters has served the Washington DC and Arlington, VA areas by providing a myriad of different award options, such as custom trophies, sports awards, corporate awards, personalized gifts, and promotional items. They always work hard to make sure their customers are receiving the best, most efficient service. To view their product collection, visit Award Crafters online at or give them a call at (703) 818-0500 for further inquiries.


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