Majewski Plumbing Explains Benefits of Monitoring Water Usage in New Blog Post

Majewski Plumbing, a company based in Villas, NJ, has explained the benefits of monitoring water usage in a new blog post. The article points out that household water usage is typically high, and that often people are not aware of just how much water they consume during a day. Monitoring water usage in the home may not only allow the homeowners to save money on their water bills and reduce water waste, but they may also be able to detect water leaks and potential emergencies. The blog post can be accessed at

While there is an abundant supply of water in the Cape May County area, it is always a good idea not to waste water as a way to protect the environment. US households consume over 300 gallons of water per day, according to the EPA. By tracking water consumption, homeowners would be able to know how much water is being consumed by the household.


Some of the benefits of monitoring water usage are: reduction of utility bills; conservation of water; detection of water leaks; detection of an older plumbing system; extension of the life of appliances and plumbing systems; and identification of areas for water conservation.

Obviously, decreasing water consumption will reduce the water bill. For households with a well, the amount of water consumed will be in direct proportion to the amount of electricity consumed by the water pump and the water heater. Thus, reducing water consumption can reduce the water bill and/or the electric bill.

Water conservation is another benefit that comes with monitoring water usage. For instance, it may be the goal of a household to conserve water. Having a water monitoring system will allow the household to know if they are succeeding in terms of this goal.

Monitoring water consumption in the household will also allow the detection of water leaks. When the water monitoring system detects the presence of a leak, it sends an alert to the app or may even call for a plumber. With the early detection of a leak, it can be quickly remedied before it becomes large enough to cause an emergency.

And for those who have just moved to a new home or have not had their plumbing fixtures repaired or updated for some time, a water monitoring device may be able to detect leaking and older plumbing fixtures or crumbling and rusted pipes needing replacement.

Meanwhile, Majewski Plumbing can install a water monitoring system for a household. This is a device that tracks water usage and they recommend Flo by Moen. This device sends data to an app on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. It is able to detect micro-leaks and other weaknesses in a home's water supply and allows the user to shut off the water remotely. It also provides an option to dispatch a plumber to the location. Those who want to know ore about Majewski Plumbing can visit their Facebook page at

Early detection of leaks through Flo by Moen can help homeowners avoid costly repairs. Flo has the capability to monitors water flow changes, pressure, and temperature, and it can sense even the smallest change in water pressure, which usually indicates the presence of a leak in the walls. Flo is equipped with the Smart Water Shutoff that conducts an automatic daily test on the plumbing system using MicroLeak™ technology to make sure there is no plumbing problem resulting from change in pressure or any leak that has been detected. Flo is installed on the main water line to track the total consumption for the home.

Majewski Plumbing offers smart home technology for any household. The technology can help detect leaks before becoming a huge repair problem and track the household water consumption to help save money on utility bills and contribute to the goal of water conservation.

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