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Maine is a state that is part of the New England region of the US. It is bordered by the Gulf of Maine to the southeast; by New Brunswick, a Canadian province, to the northeast; by Quebec, also a Canadian province, to the northwest; and New Hampshire to the west. The state of Maine is known for its rocky Atlantic Ocean and bayshore coastlines; beautiful waterways; seafood cuisine, particularly the lobsters and clams; smoothly contoured mountains; wild lowbush blueberries; and heavily forested interior.

Only the indigenous peoples inhabited the place that is now called Maine for thousands of years. During the exploration of the New World, various Algonquian-speaking peoples inhabited Maine. It was the French who established the first settlement in the area in 1604 on Saint Croix Island. Meanwhile, the first English settlement was the Popham Colony, which only existed for a short time. Maine was a part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until 1820 when they voted to secede from Massachusetts and become a separate state.

One of the articles talks about the spring season in Portland, Maine. Spring represents the rebirth of nature, offering hope for new plants and also various plans and projects that have been put on hold due to the winter season. The article describes the things done by the author such as buying seeds for the garden and wishing that the summer season would soon start. The author is saddened by the unpredictability of the spring season in Maine since it is possible to have cold temperatures until early May. This explains the author’s wish for summer to begin soon. The author lists five things to do while waiting for summer. These are: buying some seeds; walking Back Cove in Portland as frequently as possible; using Elise Richer’s book “Always in Season” to get some tips on what to do with spring produce such as garlic scapes, fiddleheads, and arugula; biking a part of the Mountain Division Trail; and sprouting some seeds indoors.

In another article, the author focuses on the fishing season in Maine, which officially starts on April 1. For those who love to go fishing in Maine, the Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department offers a free “Open Water & Ice Fishing Guide,” which has a lot of useful information for anglers. Seasoned fisher-people are advised to download a copy of the guide and check if there are any new regulations before to they go to their favorite fishing hole.

There are a lot of video posts on the Maine Speak Out blog. One such post features the beautiful harbor town of Castine, Maine. The video provides a one-minute tour of Castine and features the oldest functioning post office in the US and the Maine Maritime Academy. In another video post, Holly Firfer features Portland, Maine, which is a city that has a lot of beautiful scenery, history, and good food. Another video post reports on the signing of a new bill by Maine Governor Paul LePage that will allow residents to carry a concealed handgun even without getting a permit. With that, Maine will be the sixth state in the US to have a permitless carry policy. is a blog site where residents of the state are the primary contributors. This website is where Mainers can share some information, news, like and dislikes, and some tips about life in the state. The contributors to the blog site are all of the belief that Maine is a great place for living and working and they want to share it with others. This blog is not associated in any way with any organization or group or organization and they believe that all points of view are worth sharing and discussing in an open manner.


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