Mailers Hq Offers Unique Poly Mailers And Custom Bubble Mailers

Newark, NJ -based Mailers HQ is pleased to offer their unique poly mailers and custom bubble mailers to customers across the country. These mailers can help businesses stand out from the rest of the crowd.

As noted on their website, Mailers HQ is an eCommerce company founded to fulfill the demand for easy and cost effective custom package solutions. They seek to provide other eCommerce businesses of different sizes with tools and products that can help them forge their own identity. They believe that companies will have endless possibilities when they are allowed to print their branding on any of their packaging material. Mailer HQ has been producing packaging products in their factory since 2013 with the help of more than a hundred skilled employees. In fact, they have become a leading producer of custom bubble mailers and personalized poly mailers for businesses not only in the United States but also in China. They have also grown to provide a wide variety of shipping supplies such as Kraft bubble mailers, flat poly mailers, poly bubble mailers, heavy duty packaging tape, clear poly bags, tape guns and much more.

custom bubble mailers

Mailers HQ seeks to provide the highest quality custom printed mailers at the best prices to their customers while also giving top-quality customer service. They do their best to be excellent not only in their products but also in their services.

The company’s wide range of products includes custom poly mailers that can be personalized to help businesses market themselves in a way that will help them stand out from the rest of the competition. The custom poly mailers are light and made from a durable and moisture-resistant multi-layer blend of polyethylene film. The outer layer of every envelope is soft and provides water, impact, puncture and tear resistance. This design is a great alternative to carton packaging as it allows the poly mailers to be lightweight yet durable, ensuring that packages arrive undamage while cutting down on postage costs. They also come with a self-sealing strip that is easy to close and makes tampering obvious. Additionally, the mailers are made from fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable content, so they are also friendly to the environment.

When companies order custom poly mailers from Mailers HQ, the shipping cost, plate charge and sales tax are also included. They also receive full bleed print and up to two colors. For lead time, Mailers HQ provides digital proof within two to three business days. They do not charge their clients for simple edits or revisions, and clients may expect to have their order delivered 8-10 weeks after proof approval.

In addition, Mailers HQ also offers personalized poly bubble mailers. Just like the custom poly mailers, the custom bubble mailers are also made from a durable and moisture-resistant multi-layer blend of polyethylene film. This film is then laminated to a durable cushioning bubble wrap to maximize protection. The poly bubble mailers are best suited for mailing cell phones, cosmetics, accessories, books, crafts, documents, pharmaceuticals, jewelry and similar items. The outer layer of the custom poly bubble mailers also provides water, impact, puncture and tear resistance so companies that use them can rest assured that the products they mail will be well-protected. Each personalized poly bubble mailer is also environmentally friendly, being made from 100% recycled plastic. The bubble mailers themselves are also recyclable. When companies order personalized poly bubble mailers from Mailers HQ, they can expect that the shipping cost, plate charge, and sales tax are also included. They will also receive full bleed print and up to two colors. Digital proof will be given after 2-3 business days and the orders will be delivered eight to ten weeks after proof approval. There is also no additional charge for simple edits and revisions.

Mailers HQ has received great reviews for their products. Louis says in a 5-Star review on the Mailers HQ website, “Outstanding service. These guys are professionals. You are working with the factory directly, no middle man here. They are not full service, not set up like a distributor so customer service is not as responsive but they know what they are doing. The end product exceeded my expectations and you can't beat their prices as you are working with the manufacturer directly here.”

Maria says in another 5-Star review, “Great color, exactly as designed. Working with their design team was a great experience, and everything turned out nicely. I would buy more when I'm 1/3 done as their turn around time is a few months out.”

Clients who are interested in Mailers HQ and their full range of products can learn more by heading over to the company’s website. They may also contact the company’s representatives directly.


For more information about Mailers HQ, contact the company here:

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