Mailers Hq Offers Custom Mailers Envelopes

Newark, NJ-based Mailers HQ is pleased to announce that they are offering custom mailers envelopes to businesses that are looking to distinguish themselves on the market.

Mailers HQ has been in the business of manufacturing packing products in their factory since 2013. They have employed more than a hundred skilled people to help provide their clients’ packaging needs. Today, Mailers HQ is a leading producer of personalized bubble mailers and custom poly mailers for businesses both in the US and China. They have also expanded their products and are now holding various shipping supplies such as flat poly mailers, poly bubble mailers, Kraft bubble mailers, clear poly bags, duty packaging tape, tape guns and more.

custom bubble mailers

Mailers HQ offers unique and custom poly mailers that can be very useful in setting a brand apart from its peers. The custom poly mailers are made from a durable and moisture-resistant multi-layer blend of polyethylene film. This makes the custom poly mailers not only light but also durable. The soft outer layer of the mailers also provides water, impact, puncture and tear resistance, so companies can rest assured that their packages will not be damaged even when they are mishandled. As the mailers are lightweight, companies can also cut down on postage costs. Another useful feature of the mailers is a self-sealing strip that is easy to close and tamper-evident.

In addition, Mailers HQ also helps businesses to make their very own custom poly bubble mailers. The custom poly bubble mailers are made from a durable and moisture-resistant multi-layer blend of polyethylene film that is then laminated to a durable cushioning bubble wrap for additional protection. The soft outer layer of the poly bubble mailers are also designed to provide water resistance, impact resistance, puncture resistance, and tear resistance to ensure that packages mailed in them remain undamaged. Mailer HQ’s poly bubble mailers are ideal for mailing cell phones, accessories, books, documents, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and jewelry.

One of the main features of Mailers HQ’s products is allowing clients to design and print their own custom poly mailers and poly bubble mailers. Custom designing poly mailers and poly bubble mailers have a lot of benefits. In fact, customized packaging helps build a higher level of brand loyalty. There are studies that show that customers buy more frequently from brands that provide custom packaging. Custom packaging can also be used as a brand ambassador that helps promote awareness about the products and services offered by a company. Furthermore, branded packaging also helps differentiate a brand from other brands in very saturated markets. Some people may be concerned that making their own custom packaging can be difficult, but Mailers HQ makes designing one’s own branded packaging much easier.

Mailers HQ has received great reviews for their products. Lily M. Steiner says in a 5-Star review on the Mailers HQ website, “Perfect for my brand. My customers are happy, I'm happy. I ship small books, CDs and jewelry with these. They are super cute, and the adhesion is strong. Its very sturdy outside and waterproof.”

Meanwhile, Louis says in another 5-Star review, “Outstanding service. These guys are professionals. You are working with the factory directly, no middle man here. They are not full service, not set up like a distributor so customer service is not as responsive, but they know what they are doing. The end product exceeded my expectations, and you can't beat their prices as you are working with the manufacturer directly here.”

Mailers HQ strives for excellence in both quality of product and service. They do this by providing the highest quality custom printed mailers at the best prices possible while simultaneously providing great customer service and after-sales support.

Mailers HQ was founded when a group of eCommerce owners saw that other similar businesses had a need for easy and cost effective custom packaging solutions. As a result, they decided to establish Mailers HQ to fulfill the needs of their clients and help other businesses create a personal identity with the help of custom mailers. Mailers HQ does not only manufacture custom mailer envelopes but also allows other companies to print their branding and marketing material on the envelopes which opens up countless marketing possibilities.

Clients who are interested in Mailers HQ and their custom printed mailers can head over to the company’s website for more details. The company’s representatives may also be reached for further details.


For more information about Mailers HQ, contact the company here:

Mailers HQ
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