Mailers Hq Introduces Custom Bubble Mailers

Mailers HQ, a company based in Newark, NJ, has introduced custom printed mailers, such as custom bubble mailers, to help provide ecommerce businesses with an easy and cost-effective way to customize their packaging and establish their own identity. Custom bubble mailers are lightweight padded envelopes constructed from moisture-resistant and durable, multi-layer blend of polyethylene film that can be used in placed of carton packaging. These envelopes are also environmentally friendly because they are 100 percent recyclable and they have been made 100 percent recycled plastic.

The polyethylene film is laminated to durable cushioning bubble wrap material to enhance protection. This strong but lightweight packaging provides businesses not just a way to customize their packaging and establish their identity but also a way to minimize postage costs. These shipping and packaging bags are provided with a self-sealing strip that make them tamper-resistant while also making them easy to close, thus saving time for the business when preparing to ship products.

custom mailers

Harry, a spokesperson for Mailers HQ, says, “Some resort to brand awareness using all platforms of social media that is so essential for an e-commerce business and some are even using the delivery packaging as a way to stand out and be unique among competitors by using custom-made boxes and mailers bag with gift cards thanking the customers. While most business may be thinking that what’s inside the box is what is vital, thinking outside the box is also necessary. Having custom packaging is important especially with influencers creating online videos of themselves unboxing products.”

These influencers often have millions of viewers watching and sharing their videos, which means that this allows significant exposure for the company’s brand because of impressive packaging printed with its logo and other unique ways of identifying the business.

Mailers HQ also offers custom poly mailers, which are unique, custom-printed and lightweight flat envelopes constructed from a moisture-resistant, durable, multi-layer blend of polyethylene film that may also be used instead of carton packaging. Just like with the custom bubble mailers, these will allow the reduction of postage costs and they are also provided with a self-sealing strip for easy closure and as a way to indicate if the package has been tampered with. The product being shipped will also be protected because the material is moisture-resistant and its soft outer layer provides impact resistance, particularly with regards to tears and punctures. And these poly mailers are also made from 100 percent recycled plastic and are 100 percent recyclable.

Also available from Mailers HQ are self-seal kraft bubble mailers, which are also of lightweight yet durable design that allows for the reduction of postage costs. These kraft bubble mailers are also provided with self-sealing strips for tamper resistance and easy closure. They are constructed from recycled but durable kraft paper and can also be used instead of carton packaging for shipping products.

Kraft bubble mailers offer the necessary protection for DVDs, cell phone accessories, books, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, jewelry, documents, and other items. They are available in various sizes and are environmentally friendly, being made from 100 percent recycled kraft paper.

These custom bubble mailers and custom poly mailers make it easy for customers to design their own branded packaging. This is essential because studies have revealed that shoppers tend to purchase more often when they receive custom packaging and they also develop better brand loyalty. Another good reason to use branded packaging is that it differentiates the business’ brand from that of competitors. And custom packaging ensures that the size of the packaging matches that of the product contents and size, thus avoiding wastage. Furthermore, customers tend to appreciate companies that are environmentally friendly.

Mailers HQ provides a broad range of protective packaging and shipping products for businesses located in China and the United States. The company has been manufacturing such products since 2018 and has more than 100 skilled employees to support customers’ requirements.

Those interested in personalized printed mailers may want to check out the Mailers HQ website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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