Maid Service Direct Stresses Importance of Cleaning Mini Blinds and Offers Tips on How to Do It Easily

Maid Service Direct, a home cleaning company based in Philadelphia, PA, has explained in a newly released blog post the importance of cleaning mini blinds in the home and how to do it easily. Whether the mini blind is made of vinyl, wood, metal, or fabric, they tend to attract dust, dirt, and other little airborne items like pet dander and hair. These minute things can get easily airborne and stick to wherever they can and mini blinds tend to attract them.

Unfortunately, the dust, dirt, pet hair and dander will not always remain there but they can still be blown away and land somewhere else inside the home. Thus, those who only clean the floor and don’t remove the dust, dirt and other debris on blinds will find that the floor and furniture are dusty again after a short while. Thus, it is important to clean the mini blinds regularly. The article recommends dusting or vacuuming the blinds at least bi-weekly. Furthermore, regular cleaning of the blinds means there will be less need to wash the blinds later on.

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The first tip in cleaning mini blinds easily is to simply dust them, possibly with a Swiffer duster. Or a vacuum cleaner can be used, particularly by using its brush attachment. It is suggested that the blinds be locked in the up position first and then the slats are vacuumed from the top of the blinds down to the bottom. Next, the blinds are locked in the down position and the same process is repeated.

The second suggestion is to remove the blinds and throw them in a bath tub. The tub should be filled with warm water with a few drops of dish soap. For really grimy blinds, a degreaser may be added. The blinds should be fully submerged in the warm soapy water. It is a good idea to just leave the blinds there for 10 to 15 minutes to loosen the dirt and grime. After soaking them, it will be easy to clean each slat by hand by using a cleaning cloth or cotton gloves. After having ascertained that all the slats are clean, it is time to drain the water from the tub and then rinse the blinds with clean water. After this, the blinds should be hung to dry. They should not be put back on the window while wet or else they will easily gather dust again.

Another good tip is to clean the blinds outside. This is actually a great idea since it will prevent the dust and dirt being removed to get airborne and land somewhere else inside the home. A good way to clean the blinds outside is to hang them on a clothesline, deck rails, or fence. They may then be cleaned manually using a bucket of warm soapy water and using cleaning cloths or cotton gloves to wipe each slat, just like when using the bath tub to clean them.

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