Mahinthan Mahathevan, CEO of BJ Accounting And Taxation Services, Has Launched A Wealth Management Service

Mahinthan Mahathevan, CEO of BJ Accounting And Taxation Services, a firm in New South Wales, Australia, has announced that he is launching a wealth management service. The service is meant to address the needs of clients who need information and guidance regarding the broad range of financial products and tools available.

Wealth management services combine financial products and tools to give affluent clients better control of their money. The advisor takes the time to listen to the client, understand their finances, and crafts a custom strategy that will provide the best return for the client with minimal risk. The advisor uses their knowledge of the current financial tools and services available that are best suited to the client’s investment approach. This can involve a broad spectrum of expertise such as investment advice, estate planning, tax services, and more.

Wealth management consultants aim to provide a holistic appraisal of their client’s finances. The advice considers both short term and long term financial goals. While some consultants are generalists who are familiar with all aspects of financial management, some are focused on a particular area such as taxes or investment. Sometimes the financial advisor might also need to glean information about the client’s finances from other agents such as those providing legal and accounting services. They might have to deal with areas such as management of trusts, credit options, estate planning, and insurance.

Wealth managers can operate as part of a larger company or as free agents. The primary consideration while picking a financial advisor for wealth management is the level of service provided. The client and the advisor need to be in constant communication to set goals, update goals, review portfolios, and decide the strategy going forward. It is therefore important that the financial advisor be amicable and work well with the client. Often financial advisors will serve their clients for their lifetime. Wealth management services are also country-specific and it takes an involved approach to understand the ins and outs of the system. This requires the advisor to be savvy with the local rules and regulations while at the same time having a vision about the future of the financial landscape.

Mahinthan Mahathevan’s experience of over a decade has provided him with the knowledge required to be accurate on the smallest details while at the same time focussing on the big picture. His adeptness at navigating the financial system is his greatest strength and it qualifies him for the privilege of handling his client’s money. Mahinthan started out as an accountant in January 2003 and has been a member of The Tax Institute even since. While working as an accountant he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Western Sydney. Soon after graduating, he established himself as the CEO of BJ Accounting and Taxation services in January 2008. His skills include financial reporting, general ledger, account reconciliation, auditing, internal controls, GAAP, financial statements, journal entries, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and financial analysis. He has been endorsed for his interpersonal skills such as team leadership, negotiation, leadership, and management by his peers on his LinkedIn profile.

When asked about his company’s service, Mahinthan says, “We strive to help everyone. From large corporations to family businesses, to sole proprietors, we are ready to help you get a complete consolidated picture of your financial health. We don’t want to just help you today but also to set up your finances in such a way that you will reap the benefits for years to come. We believe in honesty, loyalty, precision, and productivity. We have an experienced and highly qualified team that has already helped hundreds of clients. We have built a strong business relationship with each of them due to our integrity and quality of service. We have an open conversation with all our clients and they trust us to do the best for them. Contact us today and we will help you find the best solutions for your financial management needs.”


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