Maedgen Accident Attorneys Staff Research Top Dash Cams

Dallas TX - Local personal injury law firm, Maedgen Accident Attorneys has released a roundup of top 5 dash cams.

According to the firm, dash cams are begining to make a big difference in the ability of accident victims to pursue claims after being hit by another driver in an accident.

Hit and run drivers in Dallas should also think twice before fleeing the scene. In the firm's post, an example segment of footage from a real Dallas driver taken just this week shows how useful the devices can be. In the footage, an unatentive driver in a black Lexus (probably a GX from early 2000's) is captured rearending the car holding the camera. The Lexus driver visibly waves his arms in upset and then backs up, and drives around his accident victim. The video clip showed that he had no front plate to identify the driver. Game over, maybe.

Unfortunately for him, the front facing dash cam of the victim also caught the back side of the car racing away complete with a plate and perfectly framing the setting and location.

The clip can be seen on the firm's post here:

That same post summarizes the usefullness of dash cams in light of situations like this and highlights others as well. It furuther goes on to highlight 5 recommended dash cams that the firm's staff have curated info on including consensus on the good and bad for each.

"We think Dash Cams are going to continue to play a big role in accident cases," stated a staffer at the firm. "If the numbers keep growing like they have in the last couple of years, we think that eventually we'll have a client who carries the prove captured by a dash cam every week if not every month."

According to consumer camera industry statistics, consumers spent 36.1 million dash cams in 2019.

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