Made By Humans Launches New Range Of Pop Art Vases

Made By Humans is a company based in Vancouver Canada that specializes in designing and creating contemporary accessories and gifts. The company’s products have been described as imaginative and whimsical. According to the company’s website, its products are intended to be used and showcased in both the home and office environment. They have recently launched a new range of vases in their online store. Their pop art vases can be viewed on their Instagram page at the following link:

n the 1950s, Pop Art emerged as a movement in the UK and the US. It is characterized by the inclusion of imagery from popular media like advertising, comic books, and run of the mill everyday items of cultural significance. The movement emphasizes the banality of its subject matter and makes a statement on society through the use of irony. The aim of the movement is to challenge the traditional notions of how art is supposed to be which puts it in contrast to Fine art. Some of the defining artists of the Pop Art movement are Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, and Robert Rauschenberg.

According to the company’s spokesperson, Freddie Boersma, “We are always looking for new ideas to infuse into our products. As designers ourselves, we look to the masters for our inspiration. We know that we can’t hold a candle to their genius but we try our best to incorporate the crux of their ideas into our own creations. The vases are an attempt at imitating the classic style of that era when the Pop Art movement was in full effect. We hope we have succeeded in our attempt.”

The Pop Art vase is available in two styles named OMG and POP. The product listing describes the vase designs as splashy, colorful, bold, and cheerful. According to the product description, this vase is perfect for those who love vintage 60’s stuff, classic comic books, and Roy Lichtenstein paintings. The website also claims that the shape and size of the Pop Art Vases are exactly as those of the iconic popcorn cartons that were used in movie theaters in the 60s. In case the Pop Art Vases are not a customer’s cup of tea, the store instead recommends their tray of vases which can be seen at the listing on the following page:

“As students of design and art, the feedback for these products would mean a lot to us. We are constantly trying to improve and feedback is the cornerstone to that growth. Just let us know your thoughts using the feedback form on the store’s website. You can even call us on our toll-free phone number during our hours of operation. We have been doing this for 25 years. We would not have survived all this time if it weren’t for keeping an open mind and ears. We would love to hear from you!” says Freddie.

The company also runs a B2B site where other business owners can buy products in bulk at wholesale rates. The company also showcases its products at trade shows around North America. There is a link to a product catalog list on their B2B website page. To see the wholesale rates for the products, a login is required. The company requires a minimum order of $200 and a lead time of 7 days for order fulfillment. They have local suppliers in both Canada and the US. The company also ships products worldwide. There is a contact form on the B2B website for inquiries.

Other home decor items on the store page include balloon piggy banks, balloon doggy bookends, balloon jars, deflated balloon bowls, a Venus De Milo money bank, window vase, recycled paper coasters, bamboo clock, steampunk lamp, animal photo holders, pet key holders and more. The shop also sells another vase variant which is a small person like figure holding up a vase that is a little tilted. It can be seen on their Instagram page at


For more information about Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc, contact the company here:

Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc
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1628 West 75th Avenue
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