Macon Personal Injury Attorney Clears Up Misconceptions About the Role of Insurance Adjusters in Personal Injury Claims

Macon Personal Injury Attorney, Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., wants to clear up any confusion that victims have regarding the role that an insurance adjuster plays in a personal injury claim. He agrees that they may appear to be some of the nicest people that someone will ever meet but make no mistake about it, there only purpose is to make sure a claim against their company is settled for as little money as possible. Even if this means a personal injury accident victim does not get all they are entitled to in order to make themselves whole after being injured by the insurance company’s client who was acting negligently. He cites this as one of the main reasons that retaining the services of a competent personal injury as soon as possible after being the victim of a personal injury accident is so important.

Attorney, Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. says, “There are few times in a person’s life that are as stressful and confusing as the days and weeks that follow them becoming a victim in a personal injury accident. Personal injury attorneys like myself have a duty to help our clients sort through the legal part of this confusion and immediately start protecting their legal rights as we undertake this process.”

Macon Personal Injury Attorney

This personal injury lawyer Macon went on to say that insurance adjusters are keenly aware that the stress and uncertainty that victims feel after an accident presents an opportunity for them to settle a case quickly for pennies on the dollar of what a victim may be entitled to. This is especially true when medical bills are mounting up and lost work time looks imminent. He says that when accident victims are facing these even a small claim settlement that gets money in their hands may some like a good thing. The problem is that oftentimes this settlement an insurance adjuster proposes falls well short of covering long term medical bills and properly compensating for lost work time and other legal claim entitlements. Attorney Nugent says that by retaining the services of an experienced personal injury attorney such as himself right away, it goes a long way toward minimizing the pressure tactics that some insurance adjusters will use to try and get a personal injury accident victim to opt for a quick claim settlement.

According to Attorney Nugent, the tactics of insurance adjusters also tend to change dramatically once they realize that a quick settlement is no longer possible. Then they may try to drag out the case for a longer period of time in hopes of frustrating a plaintiff into making a lower settlement then they may be entitled to. This is because insurance adjusters know that the more time that passes after an accident the more likely that such things happen as evidence gets tainted and witnesses testimony becomes less clear. He says that all of these will significantly hurt a case if not protected against. A competent personal injury will head the chances of these things happening off and keep a case proceeding along smoothly.

Many of the clients of this reputable law firm have acknowledged their thankfulness for the firm’s efforts in their personal injury cases in reviews. Jeremy Coleman states in his 5-star review, “Working with this team was great! They had great communication and were all very helpful during my entire legal process. My attorney worked to get exactly what I felt like my case was worth and my settlement clerk Ashley Sanders was so nice as. She did everything possible to make sure I was good and taken care of. She was great during my process and I highly appreciate her for the work she put in from home during this pandemic still making sure she was on top of everything for me. I highly recommend working with Attorney Ken Nugent’s teams because they will make sure you get what you deserve in your case.”

In addition to being an accomplished car accident law firm Macon, Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. Attorneys at Law also is well-known for protecting the rights of victims that are the result of workplace incidents, nursing home abuse, slip & fall accidents, wrongful death claims, and injuries that result from defective products.


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