Lyerla Heating & Air Blog Dispels Rumors About How Rain Adversely Impacts Commercial HVAC Systems

Lyerla Heating & Air, a leading HVAC company in the Joplin, Missouri area, just recently posted a blog on their Facebook site that dispels rumors about how rain adversely impacts commercial air conditioning systems. Many business owners are under the impression that since several of their HVAC’s major air conditioning components are externally located, this will adversely affect their performance or damage them during periods of heavy rainfall. The company has been asked these types of questions so many times, they thought it best to address the issue in the form of an informational blog article.

The blog immediately started out by saying that the air conditioning components of any commercial HVAC system that are placed outside on a lawn or rooftop are made to handle even the most severe weather situations. That includes the heaviest of downpours. It mentioned that the external shells of HVAC air conditioning systems are usually made of aluminum, copper, and other coated metals so they resist corrosion and are impervious to even the hardest rainfall. Any electrical connections and components embedded in outside units are not only sealed up tight to prevent rain from impacting them but also will not allow any type of moisture to get into them. All other interior components are made to resist moisture too as such things as condensation and evaporation are natural byproducts of the cool air making process. The blog post ended by stating that most exterior HVAC components are built so well they usually are completely unaffected by snow, ice, and hail too. This blog can be seen in its entirety on this commercial HVAC company’s main Facebook page.

Lyerla Heating & Air president, Kevin Brady, added, “For those business owners that are worried about their external HVAC system air conditioning units, rest assured that the products we install are made to handle even the harshest weather conditions that we face here in Joplin, Missouri. Our time-tested Trane heating and air conditioning units truly live up to the company’s motto ‘It’s hard to stop a Trane’. They really are constructed that well. This company believes so strongly in their HVAC units that they back them up with some of the best warranties in the industry. So those looking to buy commercial HVAC systems in Joplin and the surrounding areas do not have to factor in how they perform in adverse weather when they buy commercial heating and cooling units from us.” He went on to say that any business that signs up for their Lyerla Comfort Club Agreement, will get even more peace of mind when it comes to how their HVAC systems will hold up in adverse weather or for any other service issues that arise with them. The company president added that they offer a wide variety of commercial HVAC services. That list includes commercial HVAC unit installation, service and repair, new construction, design/build projects, system replacement and retrofit, scheduled maintenance, energy management, duct manufacturing and the installation of advanced temperature and humidity controls.

Not only do the experienced techs at Lyerla Heating & Air do a great job working on the HVAC problems that customers call them about but they also go the extra mile to make sure nothing else is wrong with a customer’s heating and air conditioning system too. Evidence of that comes in this review from Jack Schaller who states, “The service technician was extremely nice and professional and quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it. He even noticed another issue that would bring me problems in the future and gave me the option of fixing it now or waiting until it died. Saving another service call charge and not having to worry about it failing in the near future made it an easy choice. Would highly recommend This review was taken from the company’s Google Maps Listing where they are rated an exceptional 4.9 out of a possible 5-stars after some 230 reviews on them have been averaged out.

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