LuxAir Duct Cleaning Launches in Cache Valley, Utah & Idaho

Logan, UT - Logan resident Franco Miranda has recently launched his new company, LuxAir Duct Cleaning. LuxAir will spcialize in cleaning and sanitizing, particularly focusing on the need for improving indoor air quality in an area plagued with poor air quality.

Cache Valley, Utah, a region in the upper North East corner of the the state which traverses across the Idaho border, routinely makes state level news for holding the worst air quality in the nation. This is in part due to a climate anomaly in the region known as "Inversion". According to the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, the inversion phenomenon is caused by the unique geography of Cache Valley - a narrow valley circled by tall mountains. They state: "The combination of regional high pressure and snow-covered valley floors often produces optimal conditions for the formation of strong near-surface temperature inversions." Although the region is semi-rural and light on industry, the "inversion" issue translates into some of the worst air quality in the nation particularly during Winter months.

LuxAir Duct Cleaning before and after

During periods with particularly poor air quality, most health officials recommend that seniors and individuals with respiratory complications stay indoors. Unfortunately, as pointed out by Miranda, most homes in the area also have climate and HVAC systems that look as dirty as the worst Winter air in the valley.

Miranda points out that the Environmental Protection Agency has ranked indoor air pollution among the top 5 risks to public health. He goes on to state that, "Often, homeowners in this area think they are breathing better air indoors on bad days but in reality, they often have air ducts that are filled with years worth of dust, dirt, pollen, dander, bacteria, and sometimes even harmful spores. In most cases, home ducts and filters need to be professionally cleaned in order for the indoor air to be better than outdoor air quality." Some of the photos shown by Miranda bear this out in rather yucky detail.

Miranda points out that outdoor and indoor air quality issues are compounded by the increased average time spent at home due to COVID and the concerns over indoor air seem to be more relevant than ever.

Miranda's service includes system-wide cleaning of duct work, vents, filters, air spaces and other components of a home's HVAC system. LuxAir is also offering dryer vent cleaning. Neglected dryer duct work has been cited as the cause of over 2,900 home fires each year.

For more information on the new Cache Valley service, or to contact Franco Miranda visit the LuxAir website.


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