Lucky Herbz Announces Online Dispensary

Customers who want to buy weed online have an option in Lucky Herbz, a cannabis online dispensary announcing mail order delivery for customers in Canada. Lucky Herbz has a mission to offer all of their customers a broad selection of the highest quality cannabis products. The company sources their products from premium ethical craft cannabis growers in British Columbia, Canada, a region known for being one of the best cannabis growing regions on the planet. This means that the cannabis sold by Lucky Herbs is clean burning, with exclusive genetics and premium terpene profiles, which can deliver potent effects to cannabis users across Canada.

Lucky Herbz has been on the market since 2015, and has spent those years developing relationships with some of the best small batch, craft cannabis growers in British Columbia, so they can offer the highest quality plants which customers know was produced locally and ethically. They’re able to offer exclusive strains on a rotating basis, including native British Columbia strains like Pink Kush and Death Bubba. With this great selection along with excellent customer service and fast, secure, discreet shipping anywhere in Canada, Lucky Herbs is widely regarded as the best mail order weed available online.

Lucky Herbz Online Dispensary

The cannabis producers Lucky Herbs sources their products from grow small batches, and cultivate their plants organically, because they understand that weed flower without extra chemicals is best both for the consumer of that weed and also for the environment in which the plants are grown. These small scale producers care about quality over quantity, and take the time to use best practices when growing their plants to ensure that quality. For example, small producers often trim their buds by hand, rather than using a mechanical weed trimmer, to preserve the trichomes on the flower which hold the terpenes and cannabinoids that produce the highs and other effects people reach to cannabis for.

The Canadian province of British Columbia has built a reputation for producing quality cannabis through a combination of the regional culture, geography and politics. First, the climate of the Pacific Northwest is well suited to growing cannabis, with long spring and fall seasons that make plants resilient, and warm sunny summers that help the plants grow tall and healthy. The Pacific Northwest also has ample rain through the entire year, which helps the soil be fertile and produce more potent weed. A history of lax enforcement of cannabis laws before cannabis was legalized in Canada meant British Columbia had widespread production and many experienced growers being open about their genetic experimentation when the legal market finally opened. This combination of experience and quality helps cannabis grown in British Columbia, Canada be extra tasty, potent, and clean burning, all good qualities in cannabis products.

Lucky Herbz offers a variety of products for anyone who wants to buy cannabis online. In addition to their quality flower, which comes in a variety of strains, and portions from a modest 1/8th for $20-$50 to full ounces at a bulk discount. Customers can also purchase “variety packs” of flower, picking 4 different strains and still getting the ounce discount vs 1/4 ounce price for each. They even sell a quarter pound variety pack with an ounce each of four strains at an extra discount. For those customers who prefer not to smoke, but still want to experience the effects and potential benefits of cannabis, they have a variety of edible and tincture options with different potential effects for more convenient use. They also sell concentrates, including several types of hash, vape cartridges and pre-rolled joints. This online cannabis dispensary truly has something for every weed user, from the beginner to the experienced connoisseur.

Anyone who is interested in ordering cannabis online, who can receive mail by Canadian post, can visit Lucky Herbz’ website to see their large selection of products and mail order weed to be delivered directly to their door with quick and secure shipping.

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