Lucid Leverage Provides SEO Services for Plastic Surgeons in Los Angeles

Lucid Leverage LLC, a company based in Tempe, AZ, is pleased to announce that they are offering search engine optimization (SEO) services for plastic surgeons in Los Angeles and neighboring areas. SEO for plastic surgeons in Los Angeles is vital in decreasing the costs of acquiring new patients for the practice. Adwords is a suitable way of driving relevant leads but it is very costly for plastic surgeons. In contrast, SEO can lower the costs of gaining a new patient in the long term.

Visibility is vital for a plastic surgeon’s website because if potential clients can’t find the website, it doesn’t really matter how attractive the website is or how effective the message that it is trying to deliver. Plastic surgeons are used to depending on word of mouth marketing and other traditional marketing tactics. However, with the emergence of online marketing, they are losing their potential clients to their competitors who are using Internet marketing effectively. SEO can provide the valuable leads for a plastic surgery practice in the most cost effective manner, which means that SEO for plastic surgeons may turn out to be the smartest long term investment that plastic surgeons can make.

“Our technology and expertise has helped many plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and across the country in even the most stubborn markets like New York City, Chicago, Phoenix, Houston and Miami,” says Chris Quintela, co-owner and co-founder of Lucid Leverage LLC. “Social media marketing is very important along with building your brand with YouTube and video marketing for plastic surgery clinics. Video marketing is also becoming more important as YouTube viewership overshadows traditional television. Plastic surgeons who invest in SEO and YouTube marketing for plastic surgeons will see much more targeted visibility on not only the social networks but also YouTube and Google, thus generating more leads for your plastic surgery practice.”

Social media marketing involves using sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube because most people are now using these sites not just for entertainment but also for keeping informed and making critical buying decisions. The right messaging and targeted hashtagging is now critical for a business, including medical practices, to remain visible and relevant in the new digital marketplace. Lucid Leverage applies a unique and modern approach to social media management for businesses, politicians, online brands, and celebrities.

They also offer YouTube marketing services because YouTube is the largest online video platform, the second largest social media channel, and the second biggest search engine after Google. Organic rankings for the practice’s YouTube videos will substantially bring targeted visitors to the practice’s YouTube channel based on the search terms used in YouTube search. Using custom embedding and link building packages can help provide new life for the plastic surgeon’s brand and ensure that organic visitors go to the channel.

Reputation management is also crucial for digital marketing, especially for plastic surgeons. A disgruntled employee, an unscrupulous competitor, or even a legitimate customer with unrealistic expectations can post some bad reviews that can tarnish a plastic surgeon’s reputation. This is critical because most people now search online for reviews about a particular practice before they decide on using their services. The strategy used by Lucid Leverage in reputation management is not just to suppress those bad reviews but also to replace them with the practice’s five star reviews. They will apply the most advanced technology to suppress those reviews to ensure that they will no longer appear on the top page of search results. Furthermore, they will take the practice’s five star reviews, create Hollywood style videos showcasing these reviews, and put them on the top page of the search engine results pages.

Lucid Leverage LLC was established as a digital marketing agency that specializes on social media marketing, YouTube marketing, online reputation management, and SEO across the United States, Canada, and UK. Their team of professionals have significant experience in working with the largest companies and they are experts in the web hosting and Internet marketing industry.

People who are looking for a reputation management company can visit the Lucid Leverage website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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