Lowcountry Celebration Park Opens, Hilton Head 360 Reports

Lowcountry Celebration Park, the newest beachside park in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, is now open for the public, according to Hilton Head 360. The Hilton Head Vacation Rental Homes Magazine says this newest beachside park in the area, which was opened only last December 2020, has lots of recreational amenities and activities.

This new popular attraction is situated on a 10-acre site off Pope Avenue, just a few steps away from the award-winning Coligny Beach Park. This Hilton Head Island park likewise provides scenic views for families, individuals, organizations, and community groups. The park leads its visitors to discover the island’s environment and its cultural activities.

Lowcountry Celebration Park was designed by Wood and Partners, a Hilton Head Island landscape architecture and land planning firm, and constructed by Nix Construction in just over 17 months.

According to Hilton Head 360, the Lowcountry Celebration Park features Adventure Playground named after the ship Captain William Hilton was on when he discovered Hilton Head Island. It features a reimagined design of the ship, playground, wading pool, and more. The open pavilion and lawn of the park are meanwhile intended for fun events and festivals.

According to the Best Media Company in Bluffton, SC, the park also features the Perimeter Walk subtly lighted for evening strolls around the park. Park visitors can also find a Setting Sun Sculpture in the park. It also has two fitness stations, restroom facilities, lights and security cameras, and parking spaces. On top of that, the place also has a Wi-Fi connection.

Meanwhile, the playground is open daily from sunrise up to 10 p.m. This 2021, the Sandbox Children’s Museum will also open in the park.

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