Louisville Tree Service Experts Handles First Emergency Tree Service Outside Louisville City

Louisville, Kentucky – A week after announcing the expansion of its tree service area, Louisville Tree Service Experts has helped one of its clients in Indian Hills bring down a large risky tree that had suffered damage after a recent storm.

Speaking after working with the Louisville Tree Service Experts emergency team, Mary Stormie had the following to say, “After a heavy storm last evening, one of my pine trees cracked under the pressure and started relying on the neighboring trees for stability. This was when I realized that I needed to work on the tree as soon as possible. Otherwise, the tree would have fallen on my house and probably caused a lot of damage. While visiting my cousin in Louisville city, I had heard, stories about an emergency tree service Louisville team that responded within 60 minutes. This is when I decided to call Louisville Tree Service Experts. The team responded quickly, brought the tree down safely, and charged me a very reasonable fee.”

Louisville Tree Service Experts

“Emergencies have to be taken care of immediately to help homeowners avoid expensive property repair costs,” said the company’s CEO, “And true to this statement, if we had arrived 30 minutes later at the emergency site on Mary’s property, she probably would have had thousands of dollars to spend on her house’s repairs. However, our team covered the distance between our offices in Louisville and her home in Indian Hills in under 30 minutes. Using our advanced tree maintenance gear – including cranes, bucket trucks, and modern power cutting tools – we brought the tree down without touching her house.”

Louisville Tree Service Experts noted that its emergencies services can also be enjoyed by homeowners in suburbs like Hurstbourne, Northfield, Prospect, Crestwood, Windy Hills, and Anchorage. The company which has more than 25 years of tree service experience indicated that its team of tree cutting professionals Louisville also handles other tree maintenance procedures that range from tree trimming and tree pruning to tree removal and stump removal.

“Our tree trimming team Louisville ensures homeowners in this city and suburbs have aesthetically appealing trees,” noted the company’s CEO, “While the tree pruners are tasked with improving the health of trees with diseased branches. Our tree removal team ensures that damaged and dead trees are removed safely while our stump removal tree gets rid of tripping hazards.”

Louisville Tree Service Experts offices are located at 11501 Champions Way, Louisville, KY 40299, United States. The easiest way to communicate with the company is to call +1 502-335-4889 or send an email to sales@louisvilletreeservices.net.


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