Louie Wickett Is Offering Mortgage Company Services In Des Moines, Iowa

Louie Wickett is offering personalized financial services to anyone looking to become a first time home owner or refinance their property in Iowa.

Louie Wickett is a professional financial services provider that can offer bespoke financial products for all kinds of customers such as those looking to jump into the real estate market by making their first property purchase, veterans who are currently serving or have served the nation, or current homeowners who are looking to capitalize on their existing property investment through refinancing.

Louie Wickett

Louie focuses on making the process as smooth and simple as possible for all of his clients, regardless of their comfort level with buying properties and investing. He says that he is available to answer all the questions that a party might have to make sure they understand each fine detail of the financial product that they are considering investing in. He breaks down the complex financial calculations in a way that a first-time home buyer will find easy to understand and digest. This gives his clients the power to make the best decisions to meet their personal financial goals.

When asked about his mission to help buyers find and purchase the best homes for sale Urbandale Iowa has to offer, Louie says, “Purchasing a home is a tasking affair that takes up a lot of time and resources. It can be especially intimidating for the buyers who are looking for their first home. Everyone has different goals and it takes a lot of careful consideration to arrive at a repayment plan that makes the most sense for each individual case. I’ve extensive experience in the real estate market providing financial products that enable buyers of all income capacities to get the house that they have always dreamt of. I take it upon myself to offer each client the perfect combination of financing and repayment options that allow them to enjoy their brand-new property purchase without breaking a sweat. Even if they are on their second or third property purchase, I can provide the perfect mix of services to ensure that they are able to optimize the use of their available resources, make payments at a level that they are comfortable with, and will be able to resume complete ownership as soon as possible. Give me a call today if you are considering buying property in Des Moines, Iowa, or are looking to make the most of the number of home refinance benefits offered.”

Louie Wickett grew up in the greater Des Moines area and has been in the financial services industry for over 7 years. His business is based 100% on customer and realtor referrals which is a testament to the level of customer service he offers to each client. On his website, Louie mentions that he takes pride in educating his customers on the home buying and home refinancing process. He says that he tries to build strong relationships with his customers to make them feel like family throughout the process of becoming a homeowner.

Louie Wicket is actively licensed in IA, IL, MO, FL, CA, and CO and has the NMLS ID number - 1212160. He represents Homeside Financial (Company NMLS ID number - 1124061). His website details all of the services that he currently provides along with pictures of his many satisfied clients posing alongside the homes they were able to purchase through Louie’s help.

Louie has garnered over 140 5-star reviews on his Google My Business page from several clients showering him with praise for his professionalism and integrity. He has been recommended over 110 times on his Facebook page. Readers can also view a number of educational videos on his website or head over to his Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbGOY1ZoRAe9v4IqdYXdmLA to hear his thoughts on a variety of financial topics that are bound to appeal to anyone shopping around for financial products.

Customers in the greater Des Moines area can contact Louie Wickett at the phone number (515) 238-9949 or at the email address lwickett@gohomeside.com.


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