Los Angeles Patient Says Muse Addiction Treatment Center Helped Him Get Back to His Old Self

Los Angeles, CA – A Los Angeles man was able to overcome addiction at Muse Treatment Center and was so thankful he wrote a heartfelt five-star review on Google.

This place got me back to my old self,” Lyric A. wrote. “I can’t even begin to tell you all how much I loved my time there. It was a lot of hard lessons and it humbled me – which I needed in my entitled, arrogant addiction.”

Muse Treatment Alcohol & Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Muse Treatment offers comprehensive addiction programs at facilities in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Muse treats substance use disorders including alcohol, heroin, and prescription drug addiction. They also treat co-occurring mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

Treatment programs at Muse usually begin with a period of medically assisted detox to safely and gently wean the patient off of chemical substances. After detox, treatment plans are designed for the unique needs of each individual client. Residential and outpatient rehab emphasize learning life skills and developing new coping strategies for “real life” after treatment. Another focus is relapse prevention, which is a risk for anyone post-treatment. Clients learn to recognize the early warning signs of falling back into addiction. They explore ways to prevent relapse while also strategizing what to do if they stumble. Rehab is followed by aftercare and follow-up support; Muse is always available to help clients when they need it.

A cornerstone of treatment at Muse is dual diagnosis, which approaches addiction as a symptom of an underlying emotional or psychological disorder, often resulting from trauma earlier in life. For example, to cope with depression, anxiety, or other conditions, a person may turn to alcohol or drugs to minimize emotional pain. Therefore, the co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders must be treated in sync with each other. If only one condition is resolved, the other will continue doing its damage.

These human struggles require human intervention, and the addiction specialists at Muse provide the compassion and caring that can help addicts persevere. For Lyric, they were much of the reason for his success.

In his review, he wrote about one staff member saying he “found me wandering the street and gave me direction and made my first night manageable”. He praised several other staff members by name as well, saying they “always supported me and helped me to learn to trust myself when I had nothing but hatred for myself.” The team was always there for him, he wrote – from his therapist, “who built my self-confidence up from ground zero with me,” to the technicians “who always had my back and listened when I had a problem and gave me the hard truth when necessary. She stood her ground with me all while loving me and teaching me to love myself.”

One staffer, he wrote, was “my first friend there, someone I could always expect a warm hug from and a smile – even on my darkest day. I love him so much. I love them all so much.”

Lyric wrapped up his review with five simple words that said it all: “Go here to get sober!”

Muse Treatment offers comprehensive care for anyone seeking substance use treatment. Addiction specialists are available any time day or night to discuss options for callers or their loved ones, at 800-426-1818.


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