Longest Running Ruin Bar Tour Can Be Enjoyed Once More as Pub Crawl Budapest Reopens

Pub Crawl Budapest, the longest running ruin pub tour in Budapest, Hungary, can now be enjoyed once more as it reopens with Hungary lifting most remaining COVID-19 restrictions. This is an award-winning tourist activity in Budapest, with TripAdvisor having given this bar-hopping activity a Certificate of Excellence award. This particular award is given to restaurants, accommodations, and attractions that have regularly earned five star reviews from travelers. This ruin pub crawl is regularly done in the District VII / Jewish Quarter of Budapest, allowing tourists and travelers to spend unforgettable moments with friends while visiting the Hungarian capital.

People participating in this authentic ruin pub crawl will receive a free welcome shot at each bar they visit during the tour. A VIP entry pass will also be provided to allow participants to avoid the long lines outside the bars, waiting to gain entry into the bar. Because these bars are so popular, typically there would be long lines of people who want to get in.

A representative for Pub Crawl Budapest says, “We’re truly excited to be finally back. We proudly give you the longest running Budapest pub crawl through ruin bars in the city. We will bring you to the most authentic ruin bars in our lovely city, so that you can share some drinks and enjoy the nightlife with friends. You will be provided with free welcome shots (one at each bar) and VIP entry to every place we go (we also have a Budapest ruin bar map), and although there are huge lines to enter into these bars, with our Budapest Pub Crawl you don’t have to waste your time waiting to get in.”

There are five kinds of pub tours available through Pub Crawl Budapest. These are the: Power Hour Pub Crawl; Private Pub Crawl; Stag Pub Crawl; Beer Pub Crawl; and Wine Bar Crawl. The Power Hour Pub Crawl is for those who are determined to really party and enjoy the night. Primarily, it offers an All You Can Drink package with 40 minutes of unlimited premium drinks. It also includes everything that is included in the regular pub crawl packages. Meanwhile, the Private Pub Crawl is for those who just want to be with their close friends.

There is also the Stag / Hen Party for those who are about to get married and want to enjoy their last night being single. These parties have left funny and lasting memories for Pub Crawl Budapest in view of the many strange requests they usually received. Budapest is a city that is very much suitable for this kind of parties. The ladies are beautiful, the alcoholic drinks are strong but inexpensive, the people are fun loving, and they always provide excellent service. The streets of Budapest are always packed with people and the pubs and bars are always open every night until the early hours of the morning because there are many colleges and universities in the Hungarian capital.

And for those who prefer beer and ale, there is the Budapest Craft Beer Pub Crawl. This includes free 10 tastes of Hungarian craft beers, visits to three local micro brew pubs, including award-winning craft lagers and craft ales. Participants are assured that there would be no average mass produced beer. This particular pub tour was designed to let travelers taste the unique products of the microbreweries that have emerged in the last few years.

And finally, there is the Budapest Wine Bar Crawl for wine lovers. It includes free 10 tastes of Hungarian wines and froccs (local spritzer), visits to three local wine bars, and an exclusive selection of rose, white, red wines and the unique Tokaji. A wine tasting tour is usually combined with sightseeing in Budapest.

People who would like to learn more about the reopening of Pub Crawl Budapest can check out their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. The bar crawl tours are held daily, from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am.


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