Long Island Parole Violation Attorney Jason Bassett Explains How Parole Violation and Probation Works

Long Island parole violation attorney Jason Bassett releases a new article (https://jbassettlaw.com/parole-violations-lawyer/) where he discusses parole violations and probation. The lawyer mentions that it may seem like a relief for someone if they are paroled. However, any violation of parole conditions can result in them being sent back to prison.

“Parole is an early discharge from prison confinement under stringent guidelines. An individual on parole is still serving a sentence, but they are doing so outside the prison system. The terms of the parole will depend on the sentence and severity of the original charges and the behavior of the offender while in custody,” says the Long Island parole violation attorney.

Long Island parole violation attorney

The lawyer mentions that parole terms usually depend on the sentence or severity of the charge. The parole terms will also depend on the behavior of the accused while in prison. If the individual violates this charge, they may face harsher penalties and they may be sent back to their confinement.

Attorney Jason Bassett also explains what the difference is between parole and probation in this article. Although these terms are often interchangeable, they are in fact very different.

The parole violation lawyer said that probation is something ordered by the court as an alternative to jail time. If an individual is on probation, they are still under the supervision of the court and is subject to stringent rrules throughout the term of the probation.

Attorney Bassett says that parole, on the other hand, is a conditional release of a sentence that is overseen by the prison system. If the offender has completed the required minimum sentence, they may be eligible to request an early release. These conditions will depend on the facts surrounding the crime and can be subject to very strict conditions.

According to attorney Jason Bassett, “Despite being different processes, they both carry serious risks for violators, affecting their ability to remain out of jail. This is why the quality of your defense is crucial. A parole violation or a probation violation case can lead to devastating consequences.”

Lastly, attorney Bassett emphasizes the importance of having a skilled defense lawyer when facing charges of violation of probation or parole terms. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the defendant protect their rights and their freedom.

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