Long Island Criminal Lawyer Jason Bassett Explains Domestic Violence in New York

Long Island, NY: Jason Bassett, a Long Island Criminal Lawyer and the founder of the Law Office of Jason Bassett, P.C recently published an article explaining domestic violence in New York.

Domestic violence, according to New York law, includes allegations that one partner used a pattern of behavior to control another partner in an intimate relationship. The Long Island criminal lawyer explains: “In many cases, the victim alleges to have been subject to a series of physical, mental, or emotional abuses.”

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Sometimes the accuser of domestic violence is actually the victim. But more often than not, one spouse falsely accuses another of abuse. Sometimes, jealousy or revenge can be the motivation for a false domestic violence accusation. Sometimes one spouse is trying to get a tactical advantage by accusing the other of domestic abuse because there is a divorce proceeding.

New York State takes allegations of domestic violence very seriously. Prosecutors frequently seek maximum penalties for those accused of perpetrating abuse. Most domestic violence charges can lead to criminal charges with varying severity. Domestic violence charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies depending on many factors, including the severity of the injury.

A common misconception with domestic violence crimes is that they only occur when there has been an actual physical assault on another person. However, in New York, it's also considered a crime to threaten someone physically or emotionally which could lead to them being fearful for their safety or even death.

Domestic abuse victims in New York were unable to bring criminal charges against their abusers. After accusations were made, charges were filed and it was difficult to prove the allegations. The law did not offer protection for victims. New York's "reforms" regarding domestic violence have unfortunately made it easier for false accusations to be filed.

Almost automatically, the accuser will get a protection order against the accused, barring them from going home or seeing their kids. These new policies have had a positive impact on victims and families that have suffered from domestic violence.

However, the broad definition of domestic violence and the mandatory policies for arrest have resulted in countless false charges being brought against innocent people. These well-intentioned reforms allow some accusers to make false accusations and use criminal justice as a tool to pursue their own agenda.

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