Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyer Jason Bassett, P.C., Explains 6 Questions to Ask a Criminal Defense Lawyer Before Hiring Them

Long Island, NY - Jason Bassett, P.C., lists six questions one should ask a criminal defense lawyer before hiring them to represent in court. Retaining a criminal defense lawyer is an important step to take if a person is facing criminal charges. It takes careful evaluation of qualifications and experience before deciding who to hire.

The first question is if they offer a free consultation. The Suffolk county criminal defense lawyer explains: “When you have been charged with a criminal offense, you should first speak with an attorney by phone or in person.” Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if a lawyer suits the needs by simply looking at their website or talking on the telephone. A phone consultation is a great first step in hiring a defense lawyer.

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Just like doctors are experienced in specific medical fields, lawyers do not have a single solution to all legal problems. So the second question one should ask before hiring a lawyer is what areas of criminal law do they have the most experience with.

Attorneys can specialize in different areas of criminal law. Before hiring a criminal defense attorney, make sure to inquire about their experience in the specific area of criminal law. The criminal defense lawyer with the most experience in the case area one is dealing with should be hired.

The next question would be about the fees one should expect for the lawyer’s services. It is crucial to be aware of all fees that need to be paid early in the process. It is also important to determine how much is required to pay for their services for the case. It can help plan the finances and avoid any surprises later.

The fourth question to ask the criminal lawyer is if they are the ones who will handle the case. Although this may seem like an odd question to ask, it is important to know whom to expect to see during legal proceedings like depositions or trials.

It is common to meet with an experienced lawyer at the top of a firm that has handled similar cases for decades. And when it is time to go to trial, the firm may send one of its less experienced defense lawyers to represent the case.

When a person is being charged with a criminal offense, it is crucial to have access to the assigned lawyer. The fifth question should be about how accessible the lawyer can a person expect them to be.

Anxiety can build up about legal proceedings, the procedures involved, and other criminal charges. One’s mind can be at ease if the criminal lawyer is available to them quickly. A criminal lawyer may be needed if one is ever contacted or arrested by police.

The sixth question one should ask a criminal lawyer is how much experience they have. Many criminal cases can settle out of court using plea bargains. This means that criminal attorneys are better at negotiating plea terms than pleading in court.

A criminal defense attorney who has been through trial experience should not only be familiar with all the details and processes involved but should also be able to provide the background necessary for proper preparation, such as cross-examination and witness testimony.

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