Long Beach Tree Experts Delivers on Its Promise to Complete 3 Tree Removals Within 24 Hours

Long Beach, California – After promising Dean Tucker that the 3 trees he wanted to remove would be gone within 24 hours, Long Beach Tree Experts worked extra hard to deliver on that promise. Not only did the company remove the trees, but its Long Beach tree removal team also handled stump grinding.

Describing his experience working with Long Beach Tree Experts, Dean Tucker had the following to say, “I called these tree experts to remove three trees, and the trees were gone within 24 hours, including stump grinding. Their prices were excellent too, I called five places, and they were the lowest. I recommend them!”

Long Beach Tree Experts

Founded over 25 years ago, Long Beach Tree Experts is a company that reportedly prioritizes fast service. Over the years, the company has engineered several policies to ensure its customers are getting their services quickly. One of the policies our team of reporters came across when researching the company is the Same-Day Service Policy. This is a policy that ensures clients are getting tree maintenance procedures on the same day they order them. The company seems to have used the policy to complete Dean Tucker's project quickly.

“For years,” said the company’s CEO, “we have earned our respect from customers by keeping the promises we make. After promising Dean Tucker to bring down his trees in less than 24 hours, our professionals used their modern tree service tools to make this promise a reality. To ensure that Dean’s landscape did not have tripping hazards, we had to remove the tree stumps too. We are happy to see that we made a positive impression on the client.”

To homeowners in Long Beach city – and neighborhoods like Newport Beach, Yorba Linda, Rancho Palos Verdes, San Marino, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Hermosa Beach – Long Beach Tree Experts is the best tree removal company Long Beach.

“Although Dean Tucker’s tree was over 100 feet tall,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “it is not the largest trees we have removed. Our Long Beach tree removal team has handled trees taller than 200 feet. Last month but one, we brought down a dead redwood that was approaching 300 feet tall.”

“On a normal day,” said the chief of field operations, “our team of tree cutting professionals in Long Beach can receive a call from a homeowner with a hazardous tree. This may be a tree that is leaning dangerously over his house, a tree that has suffered storm damage, a tree that has suffered a lightning strike, or a tree that is relying on neighboring trees for stability. Even though a project involving such a tree is more complicated to work on, we always separate ourselves from the competitors by coming up with plans that allow us to complete the tree removal procedure with zero property damage.”

The Long Beach Tree Experts CEO noted that although tree removal is one of the most ordered professional tree services in Long Beach, the company has been trying to reduce the number of trees removed every year.

“When Dean Tucker called to request a tree removal,” said the company’s CEO, “we visited his home to see if there were other ways that could fix his problem and leave the trees alive. Unfortunately, 2 of the trees were dead while the other was sick with an untreatable disease.”

To minimize tree removals, Long Beach Tree Experts reportedly takes advantage of tree care procedures that improve tree health. Using tree trimming and tree pruning, the company ensures that trees are enjoying maximum air circulation and making enough food through photosynthesis. This allows the trees to live longer, healthier lives.

Long Beach Tree Experts offices are located at 1461 W 14th St, Long Beach, CA 90813, United States. One, however, can contact the company over the phone via +1 949-691-3726 or by sending an email to sales@orangecountytreeexperts.com.


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