London X City Updates Community On Latest News

The London based London X City website has been updating the community on everything they may want or need to know about the UK’s capital city. The platform takes special interest in online retailers based in the UK. They are primarily a blog site that publishes articles on various topics related to London and other parts of the world. These articles are categorised based on a number of topics, including fashion and beauty, celebrity news and shows, weight loss, news, health and body, money, sports and movies.

The company takes special effort in keeping the community well informed about the latest trends in the fashion world. In order to provide more access to clients, they are making an effort to have a greater presence on social media. They have recently launched their Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ page, LinkedIn account and Pinterest page in pursuit of this goal.

Karla from London X City says: "London is the city where practically everything happens. We have the glitz, the glamour, the fun, the fantastic nightlife, the health gurus, the culture, the arts, and more. Through the London X City website, we want to make sure that nobody misses another event and that people can get to know just what makes this city so special."

One of the more important topics of articles on the website has to do with health. For instance, one article tackles countering air pollution in London. While it may seem that people are unable to do much when it comes to pollution, there are actually many small changes that the local population can commit to help purify London’s air and add more oxygen. One can set up a number of window boxes and grow some plants, for instance. The website also suggests planting some common herbs, such as rosemary. Rosemary is an easy-to-grow herb that can flourish in polluted areas, taking in carbon dioxide and converting it into oxygen. This has an additional benefit for those who enjoy cooking, as they will even have some fresh rosemary whenever they need it.

Some varieties of miniature roses and lavender are also suggested to improve air quality. Roses can thrive in polluted areas with high levels of carbon dioxide. Marigolds and Cornflowers may also be grown as they are very tolerant of harsh growing conditions. There are even varieties of cornflower that remain in bloom for extended periods of time. The article points out that if all Londoners had their own window boxes and grow a few plants, it would contribute towards improving air quality in the city. Learn more here:

The website also offers fashion tips for consumers. For example, one article offers advice on how to minimise spending on clothes. With each new season comes the need for a change of wardrobe to suit the changing weather. However, their blog post advises the community not to go online and start shopping for new clothes right away. They point out that reducing expenditure on clothing is not just about increasing savings and reducing personal expenses. The article goes on to stress that this is because the way clothes are produced has a harmful impact on the environment.

One suggestion the blog makes is to look for clothes in charity shops. This is one way to save money on expenses for clothes and possibly even get some higher quality clothes for less. Those who have experience shopping in such establishments know that many people get rid of some really high-quality clothes, even well-known designer brands. Meanwhile, another good strategy for reducing clothing expenses is to pay more upfront for clothes which are of high quality. This may actually save more money in the long run as the clothes will be more long lasting. This may enable a person to save more and reduce spending on new clothes. The blog also tackles many other strategies to spend less on clothes.

Those in London who are interested in the aforementioned topics may visit the company website and social media pages to explore further. One may also contact the platform’s representatives via phone or email to pursue any other inquiries.


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