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London X City, an online publication based in London, UK, is pleased to bring articles on a vast number of subjects to their readers in London as well as those around the world. The publication focuses primarily on various aspects of life in London and how recent developments will affect its residents. As such, readers often find that they can get the news from other outlets, but London X City can help them understand how they will come to be affected.

For instance, the publication understands that many are justifiably concerned about the progress of a vaccine that will help bring a conclusive end to the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis, while foremost a health-based issue, has had consequences that spilled out into many other areas of life, from limiting how much people can leave their homes and explore the streets they love so much to virtually requiring many businesses to transfer their business model to digital platforms or risk having to close down completely.

Today, the world has received great tidings in the form of news that two pharmaceutical contenders in the race for a vaccine are finally in the last stages of development. Pfizer and Moderna both announced vaccines with efficacy exceeding 90%, and this bodes extremely well for those who have been waiting for such news for a long while. However, even assuming that these vaccines accomplish everything their makers claim, there still lies the enormous logistical challenge of actually distributing these vaccines among the general population. is hard at work researching these developments and examining details such as how quickly London residents can expect to begin receiving the vaccine as well as how soon the region will achieve a strong enough herd immunity that life can go back to normal. While the team looks for these answers, they acknowledge that Londoners should prepare to wait for some time yet before the vaccine receives the go-ahead for distribution. This means that the city may have to continue under the assumption that life will continue as is for a while.

The website does, however, offer some insight on what this sort of future may look like. In an article published as recently as late August, they explore what life would be like if no vaccine were found at all. Given how long the city may have to wait, they believe that this insight may still prove to be relevant.

For instance, London is famous for hosting some of the best retail outlets in the world. This industry, however, has been hard hit this year as lockdowns obligated Londoners to avoid shopping for non-essential products, which included getting their hands on the latest trends. In their article, London X City says, “A large number of retail analysts truly believe it is too late for the high street. We know the way we shop was slowly changing, but coronavirus seems to have speeded up the process. An increasing number of stores are closing. We have even seen trusted retail outlets such as Debenhams and House of Fraser close. Department store shopping has always been popular in the UK, but now it would appear this is changing as well.“

Should a vaccine arrive, it may prove to be too late to save these stores. The retail industry was already undergoing an evolution thanks to the proliferation of the internet across every aspect of life, but the pandemic has forced them to adapt immediately or fall out of the public eye — virtually a death sentence.

The website also notes, “Coronavirus has not only affected the retail industry. It has also affected the way we work. More of us than ever before work from home or would like to work from home. Having more people working from home will also greatly change the landscape of many business parks and areas such as the City of London and Canary Wharf. Both areas are packed with offices which would normally house thousands of workers.”

They add, “The truth is that coronavirus has the ability to change the way we work forever. Once again, the home working revolution was coming anyway. Coronavirus has just speeded it up.”

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