London X City Sheds Light On The Emergence Of Fake Goods

London, UK-based London X City, an online publication, is reaching out to warn their community about the dangers of receiving fake goods through internet shopping platforms. In ‘Fake Goods Are Flooding The World,’ which was recently published on their site, London X City attempts to examine this phenomenon and uncover whether shoppers can take any precautions to protect themselves against future incidents.

As the article notes, online shopping has fast become the new normal, especially for urbanised communities such as those in London and other great cities around the world. Businesses of all kinds have seen the massive potential in giving their customers easier access to various products and services through the power of the internet and from the comfort of their own homes, and this has led to an almost unpredictably massive bloom in sales.

Customers, for their part, also appreciate the greater ease with which they can now shop, as they can browse through hundreds of items in inventory without ever breaking a sweat, and search engines can often take them directly to the specific item they are looking for without them needing to browse through multiple stores in person. This is particularly helpful when the product in question is only carried in certain stores. Furthermore, customers may place an order from stores that are in other countries entirely, and the current state of global shipping means that their items will be delivered in a reasonable amount of time. As the article’s author states, “I can sit at my computer and order goods from all over the world and pay using Paypal. Most of the time, the goods are on their way in a very short time. Sometimes, they even ship the same day.” Read the full article here:

However, with the advent of such technology and access comes the inevitable slew of individuals and organizations who wish to take advantage of it solely for their own gain. The explosion in online shopping’s popularity has revealed some disadvantages with this system. For one, shoppers can no longer examine the item they want in person before making a purchase, and there is an increased need to rely on the trustworthiness of the seller to guarantee that items bought are properly delivered. On the other hand, some items may not even be what they appear.

In the article, the author describes a situation in which they attempted to order a new camera. They state, “I set about searching for the best deals on Go-Pro’s. I was confident that I could find some goods deals and save money. Just like anybody else, I like to save money. It gives me a few quid more to spend on my morning coffee. As I am a pretty experienced online shopper, it did not take me long to find a good deal. Everything seemed okay, and a couple of days later, I was delighted to receive a parcel. But, something was not right.”

While a package did arrive, its shipping address proclaimed an origin from Hong Kong, instead of the UK where the camera was supposed to have been purchased from. Furthermore, the author noticed that the box inside the parcel did not appear to be of as high a quality as was to be expected from this seller. Their misgivings aroused, the author carefully documented their progress through opening the parcel, and eventually discovered that the camera they had received was not what they had ordered. They immediately got in touch with Paypal to report the fraud.

“A day later,” the article says, “I found out that someone had cloned the online store’s website. They were sending out their own goods and goods were not being shipped from the online store. On this occasion, the fake goods had come from China, but China is not the only culprit when it comes to fake goods.” India, Taiwan and so on are other countries known for being the source of such fake goods, but the author warns customers to remain vigilant no matter the source.

Interested parties are welcome to read the article in full on the London X City website in order to learn more about fake goods, suspect medicines and even food awareness. Many other articles on a wide variety of topics can be found here as well.


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