London X City Shares Commentary On UK Politics

UK-based London X City is reaching out to share their thoughts on local politics with their readers. The website typically provides the community with information on a vast range of topics, including fashion and beauty, celebrity news and shows, health and body, money, sports, movies and, of course, political news.

The London company makes a special effort to keep their readers up to date with local news, particularly in light of events such as Brexit and the global pandemic. Just within the last week, over 50,000 citizens in the UK tested positive for the coronavirus. The number of fatalities, particularly patients who were within 28 days of being diagnosed, are also on the rise, according to the official government COVID-19 statistics. With the increasing numbers of positive patients, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has commented that this meant he could not rule out another lockdown for England in January. The prime minister’s refusal to rule out a third national lockdown for England comes amid the concerns over rising infection rates and the impact of relaxed guidance for Christmas. The prime minister has stated that the government hoped to avoid another lockdown after Christmas but did not rule it out, pointing out that infection rates have increased significantly.

Boris Johnson’s leadership has also been directed towards handling the Brexit situation. Jonson has called on the EU to, “see sense,” in the final stages of Brexit trade talks, with the implication that is now in the hands of the other side to make a concession on the remaining points of contention. In a recent statement made to broadcasters, the UK prime minister said his negotiating team would stay in communication but that talks were difficult and that there remained, “a gap that needs to be bridged.” The two negotiating teams have been in a deadlock for several weeks, primarily on issues relating to how closely the UK will stay aligned to EU rules and with regard to the control of fish stocks. Johnson states that the UK has done much to try and establish a satisfactory deal, adding, “We hope our EU friends will see sense and come to the table with something themselves.” The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier also stated recently that there was only a little time left to come to an agreement that is achievable and can be implemented by the new year.

London X City has provided the community with a political commentary regarding the leadership in the UK for quite some time. Looking back to articles from the previous year, one published in July 2019, titled ‘Is Boris Johnson a Fall Guy?’ provided insight into the election race happening in the UK. The article looked at the ease with which the British prime minister collected votes, given that the political party had been in somewhat of a crisis during that period. This article too shed some light on Brexit.

To quote the post, “Brexit has not helped the fortunes of the Conservative party, what has Brexit really done for London? Many members feel that it has been completely mishandled and think the current PM has made a real hash out of it. That goes for the general UK electorate as well. Former steadfast Conservative voters are beginning to abandon the party and look for alternatives instead. Many of those who have voted for their local Conservative MP in the past are now switching their loyalties to other parties such as the Brexit party or the Liberals.” As is always the case with political news, London X City leaves it up to their readers to take their own stance when it comes to these matters. Learn more here:

Other than providing news on the state of the country and political updates, London X City also covers many interesting topics, including health and nutrition, travel and fashion. The website has many useful articles which offer advice, tips and information for their readers, including insight and life-hacks for maintaining a healthy diet. The health aspect covers weight loss tips and advice as well. London X City also offers advice about restaurants or places one may visit while in London. For readers interested in fashion, the website publishes articles which cover useful tips for consumers, breakdowns of trends and where to shop for certain styles or budgets. The sports section provides readers with the latest news in the sports world. One may even keep up with the latest news about celebrities or media through the London X City site. The articles on the website even cover finance, with articles relevant to the economy and also ones that offer tips and advice to the community. Thanks to the diversity of topics covered by London X City, it is able to cater to a large community with a variety of interests.

If one is living in London or is interested in the aforementioned topics, one may visit their website and social media pages to read further. One may also contact them directly via phone or email.


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