London X City Shares Article About Spending Less On Clothes

Woodrow, London based London X City is reaching out to the wider community to share an article about spending less on fashion. The UK-based lifestyle and news website regularly delves into a number of interesting topics.

Chloe, a representative for London X City, says, “Fashion plays a large part in our lives, and it is not surprising that we all want to make sure we look our best whenever we step outside of our homes. That usually means keeping up with the latest fashion trends and making sure your wardrobe is up-to-date. Now, with the winds of change on the horizon, you might already be thinking about re-stocking your wardrobe. However, before you start chucking things out, you should take stock. Do you have anything in your wardrobe which may be okay for next season? We are all being encouraged to spend less on clothes and buy fewer clothes in the first place. You need to consider that many of the ways in which we produce clothes are having a harmful effect on our environment and we have to do our part to protect it.” The full article can be found at the following link:

In the article, London X City suggests that if people want to save both the environment and money, there is absolutely no reason why they should buy a completely new wardrobe for each new season. The first thing that everyone should be doing is to sit down and think about what they really need. The article recommends making two – one for the clothes one will need for work, and another one for leisure wear. Seeing as how statistics show that people mostly only wear about 10% of the clothes they own, there is no reason to get too greedy.

Another way to save money on clothes, and perhaps even get some better quality clothes while also contributing to the environment, is to shop in charity shops. In fact, according to the article, savvy shoppers can save a small fortune by shopping in charity shops. As one learns to navigate charity shops and learns the ins and outs, it becomes possible to get some great bargains as a lot of people give away very nice clothing articles to charity shops, including designer wear.

The article also suggests that in certain situations, paying more for one’s clothes can actually help save money in the long run. The article reads “Instead of rushing out to buy a cheap garment, it is a better idea to pay a bit more. Save up your money, and when you next spot a sale in a top store, drop in and bag a bargain or two. It may not save you money immediately, but if you hang on to your clothes for longer, it can save you money in the long run. Some brands are better than others, and you should especially look out for clothes which are cotton rich. They are less likely to shrink and will stay looking sharper for longer.”

Speaking about the clothes that a person might not need or want anymore, the article says that throwing them away is the last thing that anyone should be doing. A great alternative is for an individual to check out if there are any car boot sales in the local area, carefully pick out all the clothes that are not needed, make sure that they are nice and clean and take them down to the car boot sale and set up their own stall. Not only does this method help one get rid of clothes they have no further use for, it will also help them earn a bit of money that they can then spend on other things — or perhaps better, newer clothes.

Chloe says, “While the fashion industry is an integrated part of our modern lives, the large output of clothes every year doesn’t do much for our environment. Ultimately, a lot of them go mostly unused. Being clever about what you buy and when you buy can not only save you money, it will also be of great help to the environment.”

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