London X City Rreleases Blog Post Discussing The Measures One Should Take To Practice Safe Dating During The Pandemic

London X City, an online publication that posts articles on topics such as celebrity news, tv shows, world news, money management, movies, fashion, beauty, weight loss, health & body, sports, and many others has released a new blog post that discusses the measures one should take to practice safe dating during the pandemic. The blog post is available online at

The article begins by assuring its readers that by following simple, commonsense precautions they can continue to enjoy having a healthy love life despite the lockdowns and extra restrictions on account of the pandemic. Online dating can frustrate would-be couples, as it can only go so far. Online chat and video calls are not enough to get to know a person truly. The couple will have to meet up eventually during the courtship. There are definitely a few holdouts who are counting on things to open up more and get safer before they feel comfortable resuming their love life. However, by following some obvious safety precautions, one can continue going on dates while still adhering to current government mandated rules and guidelines.

The blog post says that those looking to date will have to get creative, as it is no longer easy to meet casually for a coffee like the days before the pandemic. If one wants to add a new person to their social bubble, there is going to be a fair bit of planning involved. The most important thing to remember is to always wear a mask when leaving the house and heading to a public place. Governments implement social distancing and mask mandates for a reason, as they are effective at curtailing the spread of the coronavirus. When going outside, using public transport, and meeting up with someone at a public place, one must always use a mask to keep themselves and people around them safe from the potentially deadly coronavirus.

The government has given instructions for social distancing, but it may not be easy to follow all of them at all locations such as intimate coffee shops or restaurants, which are often the location of choice for a first date. As a thumb rule, one should choose a location that allows everyone to maintain a distance of at least 1 meter apart from others. A silver lining to the often discouraging state of affairs regarding the coronavirus lockdowns is that many restaurants, pubs, and bars have mobilized and implemented enough measures to deal with the situation. They might have hand sanitizer stations ready, require all patrons to use masks, or even make furniture like extra large tables available for maintaining social distancing. It is wise to call up an establishment beforehand and ask them questions about their pandemic preparedness.

The article then goes into detail regarding other non-conventional date ideas for safe dating during pandemic, such as visiting the Tower of London or the London Zoo. Since the coronavirus lockdowns, the footfall at such tourist attractions has gone down significantly. That makes those locations enticing for people who want to enjoy locations without the prospect of maddening crowds surrounding them at all times. Fewer people make the visit more intimate and memorable. The article says that one might even find special deals and offers that help visitors save money and make the trip worthwhile.

Finally, the article talks about the prospect of heading over to locations such as the Kew Gardens in Richmond or even meeting up in any of the hundreds of parks dotted across the city. The butterfly display in early Spring at the Kew Gardens where hundreds of butterflies fly around the Palm House is a sight to behold. One can also relax in the cafe while safely social distancing. Those who travel to a London park should pack a large blanket, enough cutlery and utensils for both visitors to avoid sharing, and napkins to last through the constant cleaning of one’s hands. The article finally suggests getting to know a person for a couple of weeks before becoming intimate and pursuing a relationship during pandemic lockdowns.


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