London X City Reports On How To Stay Cool In The Summer

UK based Londoncity recently published an article on staying cool in the summer. London may be infamous among residents for never seeing any sunlight but the truth is that it can still get uncomfortably hot if the right precautions are not taken. As such, the company is reaching out ahead of the upcoming summer season in order to share tips on beating the heat. Learn more at the following link: London X City.

In their new article, aptly titled 'How To Stay Cool In Summer,' Londoncity states, “With steadily increasing global temperatures, London is not the only capital in the world which is suffering the effects of what is commonly known as climate change. Summers are gradually becoming hotter and hotter, and many of us are beginning to suffer from negative health side effects from the global climate heating up. Some health issues are more common than others. For instance, excessively hot nights can lead to insomnia.”

The article points out that many issues caused by heat can be exacerbated by a person’s lifestyle choices. Insomnia, the company warns, can be caused (or made worse) by indulging in alcohol. This is due to the fact that consuming too much alcohol during the day or before bed can lead to the body getting dehydrated. People know they need to sleep in order to recharge their batteries, but this does not mean that every system in the body is similarly ‘switched off’ at the same time. Many waste management processes (sweat production, etc.) carry on at this time, and they require a certain amount of fluid to do so. “Without fluid,” the article says, “the lymphatic system will not be able to complete the process effectively. Instead, you will wake up feeling queasy.” Londoncity goes so far as to advise that local residents avoid alcohol altogether on especially hot days since these are the times they are most likely to be dehydrated the most.

The article next suggests that people switch to cold showers instead of hot showers whenever possible. While many may find it comforting to have a hot shower after a long day, or after strenuous activity, a cold shower will probably help them get clean also while shedding off any excess heat they have accumulated. In addition, drying off lightly will help them stay cool for a longer period even after they exit the shower. The company adds, “Take a look at your shower gel. If you are currently using ginger or rosemary based shower gel, you want to switch to a gel containing chamomile. This wonderful unassuming herb has an amazing cooling effect which lasts for a considerable length of time.” Find out more here, at the company's website.

Next, Londonsity advises residents to look at their bedding. Those who prefer to use polyester and cotton blend bedding may find that their sheets are easier to care for, but the same cannot be said for its effect on their skin. This is due to the fact that this type of materials tends to absorb moisture and prevent the skin from breathing naturally, thereby making the bed feel warmer than it needs to be. On a similar note, Londoncity advises that people get rid of their duvets—or invest in a silk duvet if they have the means to do so. While cotton based covers can be similarly effective, they tend to be much heavier than their silk counterparts.

In addition to a new duvet or cover, the site adds that, “The shopping site Amazon has some great offers on things like fans and dehumidifiers. You probably don’t need to install an air conditioning unit in your bedroom, but a fan and a dehumidifier should do the trick. Turn it on and start cooling your bedroom about an hour before you go to bed, and you will feel cooler when you get into bed.”

The rest of the article can be read in full for free on Londoncity’s website. The website offers a wide variety of tips on living life to its fullest in London, and readers can look up recent news as well as look into local events and other pieces of information they may find interesting or helpful at their leisure. Visit the website here:


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