London X City Reminds Their Community To Date Safely During The Pandemic

London X City is reaching out to the community to share certain tips about dating during a pandemic. In particular, the platform is highlighting an article they shared previously as they believe it may be more relevant today, given that hope has arrived in the form of numerous vaccines and people may be more likely to begin taking bigger risks. London X City is an online resource with articles on a variety of topics and all kinds of news relevant to London residents.

"With lockdown restrictions being eased all throughout the UK, now is a good time to remind our community about some of the cautions that they can take to keep themselves, and their loved ones safe, as dating safe during pandemics is not an easy task," states Chloe, a representative of London X City. Starting from March 13, these restrictions were changed from ‘stay at home’ rules, to ‘stay local,’ and up to four people from different households are now allowed to meet outdoors and socialize. This is the first of four stages for the lockdown lift in the UK. If everything goes according to plan, it is expected that all restrictions will be lifted by June 21.

With more people taking to the streets, London X City reminds the community that caution should still be practised. As they describe in their article about dating safely during the pandemic, it is important for people not to lose sight of the goal and put themselves at risk. There are no reasons not to meet up, however, as long as one takes the necessary precautions and plans ahead of time to ensure a positive, safe experience.

Wearing a face mask is one of the measures mentioned by London X City in their article. This is a situation where it is better to be safe than sorry, as even if the other person may be safe, it is an unnecessary risk to take. Keeping social distance is an alternative for those who would prefer not to wear a mask during this important occasion. Staying one metre apart from each other should be enough, and most pubs, bars and restaurants are fortunately ready to deal with the situation as long as it is explained to them. Nevertheless, it is still important to consider wearing a mask as an option, even if only to avoid inconveniences.

With such measures in place, a wide array of options open up for those looking to have a nice date. Due to the pandemic and lockdown, most touristic places in London have become easily accessible for local residents. While one would normally have to stand in line to get into some of the most coveted places, this is not necessary at the moment, and even the most famous historic hotspots are struggling to attract visitors. Some sites are even running special offers to attract guests, making them a prime location for those looking to start a relationship during pandemics.

For those not interested in historic hotspots, there are always other options. The London Zoo is an attractive destination at the moment, as well as the Kew Gardens in Richmond (regarded as one of the most beautiful places to visit in London). Having a picnic in London Park is also a viable option — and one that makes it easy to socially distance. As long as no clutter or drinks are shared, this should be one of the safest options when looking for date ideas.

Chloe says, "Overall, it should be pretty safe to go out on a date, even though the lockdown restrictions are not entirely restricted yet. Just keep physical contact to a minimum, and practise common sense. Sadly, kissing a new love interest during the date is not the smartest thing to do, as you may want to wait until you have known each other for a couple of weeks. If you have not come down with the virus by then, it should be safe to move on and get more physical."

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