London X City Releases Blog Post Offering Tips On How To Stay Cool During The Summer Months

London X City has published a blog post offering its readers tips on staying great during summer. The blog post shares ideas on how to remain cool and refreshed during the grueling summer months using a combination of proper diet and home furnishings.

The blog post begins by acknowledging the phenomenon of global warming and its effect on temperatures all over the globe. The rising temperatures not only have a negative effect on the environment, but they are also dangerous for people’s health and wellness. Some issues are more common than others. Anyone suffering from side effects of high temperatures and heat waves can easily fix them by making a few changes to their diet and some commonly used items in the house.

The blog post then talks about insomnia that is caused due to warm nights when temperatures are excessively hot. The article recommends that during the season when night temperatures are uncomfortable to get proper sleep, one should avoid drinking alcohol during the day or just before going to bed. This is because alcohol consumption leads to dehydration, which exacerbates the fluid shortage in the body caused by warm ambient temperatures. The body needs an adequate amount of fluids to perform its waste management functions properly and to fuel the lymphatic system. That is why when one consumes alcohol, they wake up feeling queasy, a feeling that is described as being ‘hungover’.

The next tip that the blog post recommends for keeping your self cool is taking cold showers to lower the body temperature. Warm showers are the norm after a long day or after a gym workout session. However, cold showers are effective in dissipating the excess heat from the body and lowering the body’s temperature to a comfortable level before going to bed. The blog post then gives readers a suggestion to use shower gel infused with chamomile. Chamomile has a cooling effect on the body that lasts for a considerable amount of time.

The blog post then moves on to upgrades around the house that can help the body stay cooler during the summer months. The first suggestion is to move away from cotton and polyester blend bedding because it blocks the skin from breathing naturally. The material holds on to moisture, which makes the bed feel warmer than it is actually is. Another suggestion the blog post makes is to abstain from using a duvet. If one absolutely needs a duvet, they should invest in a silk duvet that can help regulate body temperature effectively.

The next tip the article shares is to keep an eye out for interesting items on online stores such as Amazon. A few obvious items to look for are fans and dehumidifiers. They are perfect for those who cannot install or cannot afford an air conditioning unit in their bedroom. The only thing to keep in mind is to start the fan and dehumidifier about an hour before going to bed so that they can cool the room down by the time one is ready to fall asleep.

Finally, the blog post recommends getting rid of heavy curtains and instead replacing them with cotton nets. The most important feature of cotton nets is that they are breathable and let air flow through them freely, which opens up the air flow in the room, keeping it airy and cooler. Cotton nets are available in many patterns and colors, some of which are bound to match the buyer’s decor. Those looking for cotton nets can save money by shopping online or heading over to stores like Next Home or Liberty in London to find a good deal.

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