London X City Reflects On Boris Johnson’s Rise To Fame

London X City, a reputable online journal that covers topics from all over the UK, is taking the time to reflect on an article they published that discussed Boris Johnson and the surprising popularity that he gained over the months leading to him assuming office as the country’s Prime Minister. The digital news site can be accessed here:

At the time, Boris Johnson was the latest, most popular candidate for the Conservative party in the upcoming elections. His race to become Britain's Prime Minister had been remarkably successful, earning him the support of a good percentage of the electoral party despite his unremarkable history as a former London mayor. While his popularity among voters may have been expected as he was the prime candidate for one of the most important electoral parties in the UK, the state of the political climate in the UK, and the public discontent toward the Conservative party did raise questions about his credibility as a PM candidate.

While the rumors, theories and speculations ran rampant among UK residents, the common consensus among the populace seemed to identify Johnson as a scapegoat for the Conservative party. London X City touches upon this topic in their article, ‘Is Boris Johnson a fall guy?’ Through this article, the online news site evaluated Johnson's position as the Conservative party's top candidate, his history as a mayor, credibility and qualifications.

"Boris Johnson seems to find it surprisingly easy to pick up votes in the race to become the next British PM. His popularity raises more questions than it does answers, and it really does make you wonder why Conservative voters are so keen to elect," stated London X City. They added, "This is a political party in crisis. Many political analysts are starting to wonder if there is something else going in the Conservative party. Looking at the party as it stands at the moment, it is more than likely they would struggle to win the next UK election. Choosing such an unremarkable candidate in a moment where so much is at stake only makes you wonder whether they are looking for a fall guy or a scapegoat to blame their failure on." As most will now be aware, Boris Johnson did eventually go on to become the Prime Minister of the UK.

As the local news site notes, the conservative party's situation regarding those elections did not look good. Brexit had not helped the fortunes of the Conservative party, as both the public and even members of the party felt that it had been completely mishandled — and they thought the PM prior to Johnson, Theresa May, had made a real hash out of it. The general discontent and concern led former steadfast Conservative voters to abandon the party and look for alternatives instead. Many of those who voted for their local Conservative MP in the past looked for ways to switch their loyalties to other parties, such as the Brexit party or the Liberals. All of this seemed to point to the fact that the Conservative party would fail to re-elect one of their candidates in the following elections. At the time, they may have believed that they needed to look for a scapegoat to blame if they failed to perform.

"With all of this in mind, Johnson's race as a PM candidate seems to make much more sense. The former London mayor can come across as a bit of a babbling buffoon. With his silly ideas and over the top personality, he would be the perfect person to blame if the Conservative party lose their majority in the next election," stated London X City in their 2019 article. According to them, while there was nothing inherently wrong with Johnson as a candidate, he still came across as rather unremarkable, with most EU leaders not being able to make him out. The one thing that stood out were his statements, as Johnson had already earned himself a reputation for having a tendency to change his mind and make outrageous claims almost as if on a whim.

This did not make Johnson a bad candidate per se. Far from being incompetent, it was evident to some that he was more intellegent than his behaviour seemed to indicate. He speaks many languages and has always had a pretty good idea of how to sell himself. The only problem with him at the time seemed to be his reputation, as many people compared him to US President Donald Trump, questioning if Johnson was the British equivalent. Beyond politics, he always seemed to be a capable person, though his unremarkable achievements and negative aspects raised questions about the Conservative party's motives for choosing him as their candidate.

For more on Johnson’s status, including his actions in the time since the elections, visit the London X City website. Numerous articles covering a range of other subjects can be found here as well.


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