London X City Publishes Blog Post On Diets London Girls Are Doing To Stay Fit

Online publication London X City writes about topics such as fashion, beauty, celebs, tv shows, weight loss, news, health & body, money, sports, and movies. It has published a new blog post that discusses the diets that are being followed by the trendsetters of London. The blog post discusses the difference between diet shakes and supplements, their role in keeping the body healthy, and the writer’s experiences with both of them.

Diet shakes work as meal replacements that seek to make up for the nutrition that most are missing from their regular diets. Normal diets may lack vitamins and minerals, especially if the individual relies heavily on processed foods. A diet shake is the ideal meal replacement in that case. However, there has to be some adjustment of expectations because diet shakes don’t contain a lot of fiber.

Fiber is one of the essential building blocks of a good diet. Fiber itself is indigestible but it is this property itself that makes it ideal for the body’s digestive system to function properly. Soluble fiber can be fermented by the bacteria in the gut that provide the body with crucial help with blood sugar control, immune function, and even brain function. Certain types of fiber can help a person lose weight by reducing calorie intake, control the sudden rise of blood sugar following a meal, and even play a role in reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

The writer for London X City acknowledges that diet shakes are not high on fiber which makes it essential to supplement them with fruits and vegetables if one wants to feel satiated after a meal.

The blog post also raises the alarm regarding the presence of artificial sweeteners and preservatives in diet shakes. Artificial sweeteners give the body the illusion that they are consuming sugar without actually ingesting the equivalent amount of calories. While this seems beneficial at face value, what ends up happening is that the body creates insulin in expectation of incoming calories. However, since the calories never arrive, the created insulin gets wasted and the body slowly builds up a resistance to insulin. This is called insulin resistance and is one of the precursors to Type II diabetes.

The writer then talks about food supplements that they found in the many department stores around London. Diet supplements are marketed as an option to those who are not able to dedicate the time and resources needed to follow the high-maintenance diets London girls are doing. Diet supplements seemed sketchy to the writer from the onset due to their extraordinary claims and the promise of too much for too little effort. Diet supplements promise amazing fat-burning capabilities by just consuming a small pill occasionally. The writer says that the science behind them is shaky at best and one should always take the claims with a big grain of salt.

The writer also goes on to remind the reader that diet supplements tend to fork up huge sums of money to celebrities to endorse their products. The celebrity endorsements might be a huge sign that the diet supplements are more interested in marketing their products than providing the customer with a product that actually works and delivers on what it promises.

The writer ends the article by saying that they decided to not follow the many trends that London girls are doing. They say that instead of spending a lot of money on diet shakes and supplements to achieve the perfect, healthy skinny figure, they instead decided to spend the money on a pair of trainers, high-quality foods from the local supermarket, and an exercise mat. They say that is there is no substitute for a good diet and hard work when it comes to losing weight.

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