London X City Publishes Article Sharing Tips For Safe Dating During The Pandemic

London X City, an online publication dealing with topics such as fashion, beauty, celebrities, weight loss, news, health, body, money, sports, and movies, has published an article sharing tips for safe dating during the pandemic.

The article says that there is no reason anyone can’t go out on physical dates during the current ongoing epidemic. It says that despite the fact that it is okay to meet up, many people are holding back because they are worried that they are going to catch the virus and become seriously ill. The article assuages fears of dating during the pandemic by saying it is easy to stay safe if one follows all of the current rules and guidelines. It says that many people are already going out on first physical dates with others they have met online.

The article then says that to make the most out of the date, it is important to get creative. It says that it is no longer easy to meet for a casual coffee or drink as it was before lockdown. Now, if two people want to meet for the first time, and make them part of each other’s social bubble, they need to plan ahead.

The article says that it is certainly a good idea to wear a face mask on the first date night. If social distance can be maintained there may not be a need for a mask. Wearing a mask is necessary for public transit in London. When it comes to the approximate distance that needs to be maintained, the article says that the government recommends the distance to be around 1 meter. Most pubs, bars, and restaurants are ready to deal with the situation and they will do their best to accommodate their patrons. Some even have extra-large tables available just for date night. The pandemic might turn out to be the chance to start a relationship at the right time.

The article then recommends other activities to do on date night for those who are worried about being in crowded places and want to do something else other than meeting up for a meal and a drink. The article says that meeting up during the day time should be considered since there are plenty of exciting choices to make in London. Some places might not be suitable for maintaining social distance but they are recommended anyway. The article says that the reader should use their own judgment. Since the pandemic is keeping tourist numbers low, it is a great time to see all the things one wants to see in London as there are far fewer maddening crowds.

The article then recommends meeting up for a tour of the Tower of London. Normally, this would entail standing in line for hours to get in, but now the lines are much shorter. Another idea from the article is to find a park bench and enjoy an ice-cream outside. The next idea is to visit the London Zoo. The article says that London Zoo is “still very much the kind of zoo where you can stop for a cup of tea, buy a balloon, and act like a big kid”.

The next recommendation is Kew Gardens in Richmond. The article says that 9 out 10 Londoners have never been to Kew Gardens. In early spring, Kew Gardens put on a butterfly display and let hundreds of butterflies fly around the Palm House. During the winter, one can often catch a sculpture exhibition or light show in and around the gardens. It also recommends going into the Palm House and checking out the massive water lily leaves.

The final recommendation from the article is having a picnic in a London park. It just asks the reader to clear everything up before they go home. It is easy to socially distance while enjoying a picnic. By bringing a large blanket, both can have their own space. Sharing cutlery is out of the question. It says to make sure to wrap up sets of cutlery in individual napkins.

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