London X City Publishes Article On Diet Supplements & Diet Shakes

UK based London X City, a website that publishes articles on a variety of topics involving London, recently shared an article titled ‘Diet Supplements vs. Diet Shakes.’ The article, as the name implies, compares the two in order to try and determine which is more effective for those looking to lose weight. There is a great deal of debate in certain circles regarding the effectiveness of diet supplements and diet shakes, and London X City’s article lists some of the effects of both in an attempt to make it easier for readers to make the right choice whenever they decide to go on a diet with the help of such products.

“The Internet is packed with information and advice on weight loss,” the article says. “Reading some reviews, you would think that it is easy to lose 10 kilos in as many days. But, is it realistic? Losing 10 kilos in as many days, is probably one of the most unrealistic claims the diet industry makes. Sure, you can lose weight in 10 days, but can you do so safely? What you really should ask yourself, is how you can lose weight safely and keep the weight off. At the end of the day, keeping the weight off should always be your ultimate goal. In that case, you should not only focus on weight loss. Making lifestyle changes is just as important. Can you make lifestyle changes when you use try to lose weight using diet shakes and weight loss supplements? Before you even buy a diet shake or a weight loss supplement, you need to ask yourself if the ingredients contained in the shake or supplement are safe and effective.”

The article first addresses the question of whether or not diet shakes are a good way to lose weight. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of diet shakes on the market, all claiming to produce results. One can purchase a wide range of diet shakes both online and in stores, and it is important to be well informed about how they work and what to look out for. Diet shakes act as meal replacements, providing all the nutrients a meal would normally provide in the form of a highly nutritious drink. Most brands claim their shakes are natural, safe and effective. Most are not, however, and knowing about the many different kinds of harmful chemicals that often appear in diet shakes can make a world of difference.

Diet supplements are even more numerous than diet shakes, according to the article. There are dozens upon dozens of different supplements that claim to help those looking to lose weight in a variety of ways, including speeding up one’s metabolism or burning fat. Diet supplements are also more expensive than diet shakes, and it is not entirely clear how effective they really are. Diet supplements also tend to be promoted by celebrities which, the article believes, actually makes them slightly less credible.

As for whether or not diet supplements and shakes are effective, the article states, “Instead of spending my money on either diet shakes or weight loss supplements, I decided I would invest in a pair of trainers instead. A good pair of quality trainers would last longer than any of the wild claims made. So, I left the store, went next door and bought a pair of trainers instead. Later on that afternoon, I hit my local supermarket, invested in a couple of nice fish dishes, stocked up on fruit and vegetables and went home to my trusted exercise mat. Maybe diet shakes and weight loss supplements work for some, but I am certainly not sure if they are the right solution for me. There is a lot more to eating a healthy diet than losing weight and cutting calories.”

For more information on dietary supplements, shakes, weight loss and London girls read London X City’s articles. The site has a number of informative articles on a variety of topics, from celebrity news to London lifestyle and beyond.


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