London X City Publishes Article Offering Tips On Safe Dating During The Pandemic

London X City, an online publication dealing with topics such as fashion, beauty, celebrities, weight loss, news, health, body, money, sports, and movies, has published an article that gives its readers tip on how to practice safe dating during the global pandemic. The article can be read in its entirety at

The article begins by saying that even though people might need to follow some simple discretion, dating in the pandemic is completely safe and possible. The only thing to keep in mind is to follow simple rules and guidelines to remain safe. Internet dating can only go so far. After finding someone interesting online, there is a natural urge to meet them in real life, if there is a genuine connection. It is logical to be apprehensive about real-life meetings because there is the chance that going out to a public place might be dangerous due to the ongoing pandemic.

The article assures its readers that following simple rules are enough to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. One thing to keep in mind is that traditional meeting places like coffee shops or bars are not recommended. There is no guarantee of the safety procedures that are being followed at such establishments. There should be a thorough vetting of the meeting place that is decided upon. It is sensible to call up in advance to figure out whether they have taken precautions such as hand sanitizers, extra-large tables, mandatory face mask requirements, and others. The article asks readers to plan ahead and pick out a location that allows visitors to properly maintain social distancing norms.

The most important tip for a safe dating experience that the article shares is to wear a face mask on date night. This is a base requirement as recommended by all major public health organizations around the world. Face masks and social distancing are the two primary modes of defense against the virus. It is never wrong to be too safe and insist that everyone wear a face mask on the first date. Along with wearing a face mask, make sure to keep a distance of at least one meter from each other. When meeting a new person, it becomes very important to make sure they are aware of and follow basic norms for dealing with the pandemic.

The article then goes into detail about the kind of locations that can be visited around London. Meeting up for a meal or drink is encouraged as long as the place is adequately equipped to follow social distancing norms. The article asks its readers to reconsider whether they need to go out during the evening. It says that there are a plethora of daytime options since London is packed with a number of things to do. Although some places that are mentioned in the article are not great for social distancing, following basic precautions like using hand sanitizer and face masks can go a long way towards keeping your relationship safe.

The article also mentions that a lot of places that were previously swarmed by crowds have now been accessible as far fewer people are making the trip to the tourist attractions, thanks to the coronavirus. The article recommends visiting the Tower of London which would usually take a couple of hours due to the long lines. However, now the wait times are reduced significantly making for a swift trip that lets one enjoy the history. The visitors might also find some special offers that have been put in place to make the visit enticing.

The article also recommends finding a park bench or enjoying ice cream under the sun. Another attraction that is talked about is the London Zoo which can be educational and fun at the same time. The Kew Gardens in Richmond are another great location to visit while social distancing. Finally, any of London’s parks can become a great spot to relax with some food and coffee.


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